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Inchcape Shipping Services Spring 2016 ISSUE 39 Cruise in sharp focus Inchcape Shipping Services Spring 2016 ISSUE 39 2 Contents Issue 39 Spring 2016 03 Leader What we can do for our customers 04 Editorial Fresh new look and the unstoppable growth in cruising 05 Around the Network Customers show their appreciation 10 Liner Dubai hosts Liner conference and golf day 12 Lay-up Better than trading at a loss 14 LNG A specialist trade 16 Cruise Review Round the world with ISS 24 YourISS2 A game changer 26 Cooks Corner The elevator analogy 27 Technology ATLAS The DIY tool 28 Local Expertise Another medivac new launches Canal transits 30 Corporate Social Responsibility In Kuwait Rio and Houston 32 Staff News Appointments rewards and awards 34 Noticeboard Celebrating the festive season 28 34 14 12 30 33 LEADERISS REPORTER Supporting our customers Youwillallhavebeenreadingthenewsand seentheconcernsabouttheglobaleconomy whichareaffectingamanyofourcustomers. The dry bulk market is obviously suffering just look at the Baltic Dry Index on your right and in some cases vessel owners are losing thousands of dollars a day every day. The container lines are similarly affected and the mergers that are currently taking place are about reducing costs and becoming more efficient. What does this mean for us This means that we have to be actively helping our customers reduce their costs and letting them know how they can operate more efficiently. This is what we do and our customers need it more than ever before. This is true whether in port agency liner agency machinery travel software or forwarding the requirement is the same. What can we do Everyone plays a part and everyone touches our customers in one way or the other. It doesnt matter which part of the organisation you work in everyone has insights and a part to play. In port operations we are on the ground and we see what is happening that is where we can see how our customers own operations can be made more efficient. We have to take the initiative and let them know straight away what can be done. Communications matter and they need to be timely and relevant. Our commercial teams know what is happening in the market and working with our teams on the ground must look at identifying cargo or market information that will help our customers. Our finance teams see the bills coming in and working with the operations teams can help make sure our customers do not pay for unnecessary costs. Our IT teams help integrate our software into our customers systems and transfer valuable data to them. Period June 2013-January 2016. The Baltic Dry Index is a composite of dry bulk timecharter averages We understand the importance of data and how to get the most out of it. These are all concrete examples of how we can help our customers and it involves everybody around the world. Everyone can play their part in this. We are receiving feedback from our customers that we are getting it right and our focus on service delivery is making a difference but we still have further to go. Recognising success We have also announced our service delivery award programme that will recognise not only our best service but also the most improved units. Not everyone starts from the same place and we will recognise both the best and those making the greatest effort. You will also see that we are looking at revising our values based upon feedback received from right across the organisation. You will hear more on this later but the important part is that we listen both to our customers on what they want and to our people who deliver the service they need. Thank you for all your efforts and I look forward to seeing us working as a team to bring our plans to fruition. Chris Whiteside Acting CEO Printers Holbrooks Printers Ltd. Portsmouth ISS Reporter is published byInchcape Shipping Services 5-8 Lakeside Business Village Fleming Road Chafford Hundred. Essex RM16 6YA UK. Email Tel 44 1375 484900 Certain photographs showing Inchcape Shipping Services personnel in the ISS Reporter may be posed for the purpose of illustrating particular news and feature stories. Disclaimer Inchcape Shipping Services accepts no responsibilities for any inaccuracies that may occur in this publication or for their consequences. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher. Inchcape Shipping Services 2016 PR COORDINATORS AND PRODUCTION Head Office Holly Dunsdon EuropeNorth Africa Charlotte Wills Middle EastSouth Asia Usha Sethumadhavan Africa Rose Nduku Asia Pacific Australasia Darrell Wee Japan Atsuko Ohtsuki North Central America Linda Clayton South America Cecilia Calderon Graphic Design Dave Blake 4 ISS REPORTEREDITORSVIEW Not just a new year for ISS Reporter but a new decade. 2016 sees the magazine reach its tenth anniversary and we are marking the milestone with a fresh new look. Design and layout changes dont come without their challenges. We wanted to achieve a clean look to give the pages more air more white space. There was a time when publishers were afraid of the void that white space was perceived to create - that it might look like a mistake or that readers werent getting their moneys worth. But white space eventually became the hallmark of graphic design modernism. And designers have learned to never underestimate its graphic power. Sothechallengeistoavoidovercrowdingthepageswhichcanreducethebreathing roomthatwhitespaceallows.Doyousub-editthecopydowntothepointitlosesits essenceorshrinkthephotostothepointyouneedamagnifyingglasstoseewhoswho Just cut back on the amount of material then you might say. But ISS Reporter belongs to the staff of ISS. If our people take the trouble to submit stories and photos then who are we to spike them So increase the pagination then. Sure and the cost not just of printing but distribution too. We live and work in stringent times. So we juggle these parameters to achieve the look we want. Its an evolving process. Cruise on the up and up This issue shines the spotlight on our ever-growing involvement in the cruise sector. Theres hardly a corner of the world where were not handling these beautiful liners and their passengers or guests as weve learned to call them. It is of course a very different business from organising the loading or discharge of iron ore or LNG or containers. Human cargo talks. Cruise guests have preferences and opinions. But they have embraced cruising in their droves. Cruise Market Watch is a highly informative online source of analysis and data. It is on their website that you can learn that the Carnival Corporations portfolio of brands handles 48.1 percent of the sectors passengers and enjoys a 42.2 percent of the industrys revenue. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line including their respective brands carry another 33.5 of passengers between them. The cruise sector is worth US39.6 billion annually and carries 22.2 million passengers. Seven new ships were added to the global cruise line fleet last year passenger capacity 18813 and another 15 more are under construction which will add a further 39637 passenger capacity. And ISS ISS GMT and the ISS Reporter will of course all be on the stand at Seatrade Cruise Global held this year in Fort Lauderdale. Nick Elliott FICS Editor New year new look AROUNDTHENETWORKISS REPORTER OneofourbiggestglobalCLSclients BernhardSchulteShipmanagement BSMhaspraisedMaryleRoesCLS OperationsExecutiveISSDurbanfor herpromptactionandprofessionalism. Avraam Vrahimis Fleet Technical Superintendent at BSM sent the following email to Mary I do really thank you for your assistance during my stay in Durban. No matter what time a message was sent out your reply and action was prompt. Especially after leaving the vessel and leaving behind my laptop within minutes the return of the laptop was arranged. You make us feel that in Durban we have more than an agent to assist us. If ISS had one Mary in each location it would be the best agency. Sandeep Pande General Manager Global Operations commented I also wish to add that in the past many CLS principals have shared similar compliments for Mary leRoes for her going that extra mile and providing prompt and personal attention for all the service requirements of our clients. ISS is proud when we see the professionalism and dedication of our staff being recognised by our customers Praise from all quarters ISS Crew Logistics Services operators at the Vessel Supply Chain hub received praise for their outstanding customer service from Uniteam Marine following a last minute request for a Cash to Master delivery for the ANDRE RICKMERS. The delivery was a result of teamwork and cooperation between the CLS operators and the local performing agent ISS Dubai. Uniteam provided the following feedback Kindly note that we really recognize and appreciate the strong effort that you and your team have given to this case which was a last minute request. We would like to thank you very much for the excellent cooperation and prompt action and for this reason we prefer ISS first to any other agents. We are looking forward to seeing you again and allow me to take this opportunity to wish all of you Happy Christmas all the best to you personally and your families may the New Year bring you health happiness and prosperity. Ria Demetriou Accountant ISS Thailand attended to Australian Navy vessel HMAS DARWIN at Sattahip receiving a commendable review for services provided from Commander P.A. Henry the ships Commanding Officer. Cdr Henry whilst giving a perfect QQ score issued a separate letter of appreciation I am highly appreciative of the prompt proficient and professional manner in which you and your staff dealt with our requests and concerns. Please pass on my thanks to Capt Sunchai Sanguanpao from Inchcape Shipping Services Thailand who provided much assistance both in preparation as well as ongoing support throughout our visit. Captain Ajay Bhandari Das Nair and staff from the Singapore Service Centre attended a lunch meeting with representatives from one of our leading customers and received excellent feedback from their Head of Operations. Compliments were awarded to ISS Taiwans operations team for the professional service they offer with a particular mention for James Lin Operations Manager at the ISS Kaohsiung office. CaptainAjayBhandari commentedJamesLinmade usallfeelveryproudinthe meetingtoday.Idliketocongratulatehim onhisperformanceandIhopehemaintains hisgoodlevelofcustomerservice. Jeff Lee ISS Taiwan added We would like to thank James for his dedication and performance and I also need to add thanks to Rex Wu for attending at site and communication with all involved parties and Sam Sin for arranging port formalities and owners services to ensure an excellent team effort. We should do our best no less than the client demands to keep up the high level of customer service. A product tanker recently arrived in Brisbane with a draught of 10.9 metres for a berth with a maximum draught alongside of 10.1 metres. Vicki Te Amo Port Operations Manager ISS Brisbane ISS Reporter Issue 23 Life on a Lighthouse carried out the preliminary work for a lightering operation to move the tanker to a deeper berth and discharge cargo into the bunker barge to sufficiently lighten the ship to enable her to move onto the product berth. However Vicki was due to go on leave. James Seraspe Vessel Operations ISS Brisbane was also on leave at the time. However due to the urgency of the situation he returned to work where Vicki provided him with a thorough handover. James then took charge of the issue he brought the ship in managed four cargo liftings over four days obtained all the necessary permissions from the Port of Brisbane and its Harbourmaster and arranged and attended a crucial safety meeting for an operation that had never been performed in the port. The principal commented James was excellent in managing this unique situation. His communication throughout was excellent both on email and on the phone ensuring that all concerned parties were kept well informed. He was very methodical in arranging everything that needed to be done and his efforts made a difficult and time consuming operation run smoothly and without incident. 5 I thank you for your continuous assistance and support in resolving issues with our staff on a daily basis during our visit. Your friendly nature and generosity made these dealings flow both efficiently and effectively. ISS Korea recently handled the HEUNG-A PIONEER loading xylene at Daesan. The customer specifically singled out Harold Choi Tanker CLS Manager ISS Korea for his efficient and timely updates. Harolds effective communication skills ensured that the relevant information was received by the customer to meet a crucial Bill of Lading date an excellent example of the power that efficient communications has on delivering customer satisfaction. 6 ISS REPORTERAROUNDTHENETWORK ISS has extended its agreement with Chembulk Tankers into South America and Asia. The new agreement will see ISS handle some 150 additional port calls for Chembulk Tankers per year in addition to its existing services on the east and west coasts of America. Chembulk is one of the largest deepsea chemical shipping companies in the world. ISSworkwithChembulknow encompassesBrazilSingaporeHong KongandThailand.Furtherserviceswill includemanagingdrydockingsinthe Bahamasandhandlingselectedportcalls intheUAE. The additional agreement was awarded to ISS after it provided a consistently fast and reliable service on existing Chembulk business in the US along with its proven track record in the chemical tanker sector. Chembulks Michael McCormick Vice President General Manager Commercial Operations commented We are pleased to be working with Inchcape in these Chembulk agreement extended into South America and Asia additional ports and feel that ISS can provide superior service and meet our specific service requirements. Simon Edsall ISS Executive Vice President for the Asia Pacific expressed ISS delight in further developing their relationship with Chembulk Having proven the quality and responsiveness of our service in the US over the past eight years we are looking forward to demonstrating the unique value of our global network for consistent high-quality service delivery. Australia has become the first country to commence the YourISS2 customer on-boarding process which gives customers visibility on what we see within our own operating system meaning they receive tailored data intelligence updates and files created specifically for their vessels as well as having access to live information on their fleet and voyages as it is entered into YourISS2 by our staff around the world. Australian customers active on YourISS2 Supported by the UK YourISS2 on-boarding team Brett Currier YourISS2 Solutions Champion Australia Danny Rees VP Sales Asia Pacific and Bill Drennan RGM Southern Australia were instrumental in the initial roll-out of YourISS2 to three of Australias principals ADM Gearbulk and New Hope Coal. Initial meetings involved a personalised walk-through of the system via read-access accounts set up for each ISS has signed a contract with geoscience leaders CGG to provide offshore agency support services for a new oil and gas exploration project in the Barreirinhas Basin in the equatorial margin of northern Brazil. As a specialist geoscience company CGG is conducting the multi-client seismic project which will be the oil and gas industrys first regional broadband survey of the Barreirinhas basin. ISS will provide a range of services for the Barreirinhas project including port agency crew transfer visa assistance CGG win for Brazil offshore support and cargo services. CGG is deploying its specialised seismic vessel the OCEANIC VEGA to acquire the 14500-km 3D seismic survey. The data will then be processed and analysed at CGGs subsurface imaging centre in Rio de Janeiro. Commenting on the new contract Anderson Souza ISS General Manager Offshore Solutions in Brazil said This new project demonstrates our strength and expertise in providing exceptional offshore agency services on key seismic projects in Brazil. PhotoCGG OCEANIC VEGA client with ongoing support available to ensure a positive customer experience from the outset. Customer feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive with particularly strong interest in YourISS2s reporting functionality document repository capability and real time information flow. This positive feedback has already converted into a new appointment for ISS to manage the ADM West Australia business work previously thought to have been lost to a competitor. Data integrity During these initial YourISS2 customer roll-outs we were reminded just how essential data integrity and full system usage by all operators is in optimising customer experience. Prior to customer roll-out an audit of system information takes place. This task can be greatly assisted if data input into YourISS2 is accurate and timely saving valuable time later by avoiding the need for revision work. Thanks to all in the Australian team who worked directly or behind the scenes to get the data and information for these initial customers to the high standard required to make our initial presentations a success. Value add YourISS2s unique functionality and capabilities clearly demonstrate the value that ISS brings to new and existing customers enabling them to achieve their cost targets and for us to drive our revenue growth as a result both in this region and globally. With more customers waiting in the wings for roll-out the next step for the Australian team will be establishing an ongoing list of target roll-out clients for the months ahead. AROUNDTHENETWORKISS REPORTER The winner of the ISS Golden Palette Award for 2015 was Martin Houlberg Head of Operation MR Fleet Hafnia Management Martin studied shipping from 1992 to 1994 and worked with the Danish brokers Lolland Alfred Hovmann before moving to UK working for Nilsen Shipping from 1995 to 1998. BackinCopenhagenMartinjoinedthe operationsteamatTormTankersfrom1998 to2010beforejoiningHafniaManagement. The criteria for candidates for the award are care for the industry their colleagues and their company mentoring of colleagues professionalism towards suppliers broker and agents Customer Service training for Kuwait ISS Tormod Ognedal seen here with Martin and Chris Whiteside presented the Golden Palette ISS Brokerage Services has been granted a National Brokerage Permit by US Customs and Border Protection CBP to file customs entries remotely via Remote Location Filing RLF. ISS Brokerage can now file Customs entries electronically in all US Ports. Clark J. Buffam GM Offshore Logistics North America reports. ISS Brokerage Services was founded in 2014 to serve our clients operating in the dynamic offshore oil and gas industry. Focusing on the Gulf of Mexico offshore industry ISS Brokerage Services provides 247 brokerage support for our clients operatingontheUSOuterContinentalShelf. Beyond our transactional business we support our clients through Education - seminars and training programs Compliance - HTSECCN determination supplier audits Jones Act Planning - tendering support duty deferment drawback free trade agreements Leading our brokerage team in Houston is Theresa Bennington. Theresa is an industry veteran with 38 years in the Houston trade community. Theresas passion for trade compliance coupled with her deep expertise in brokerage operations makes her a valuable asset for both ISS and our clients. ISS Brokerage Services official ISS Golden Palette to Martin Houlberg The Europe and North Africa region held their regional management meeting in Barcelona. Led by Gavin Griffin EVP for the region the meeting covered topics such as organisational structure ROC enquiry management service delivery and corporate development. The meeting was an opportunity for the region to come together and discuss new initiatives and ways of working by consolidating existing team morale. This was achieved with teambuilding exercises across the two days which proved to be very successful and were key in developing valuable staff relationships. HSSE and Quality Assurance were also key topics which were summarised by a staff quiz with prizes EuropeNorth Africa meet-up The Europe North Africa Team are looking forward to hosting their next RMM in Limassol Cyprus. ISS Kuwait Liner arranged a training session on effective customer service telephone and email etiquette. The training was conducted by George Mathew a shipping professional with 16 years experience in the Kuwait logistics sector. George is a professional trainer having run training and seminars in the Middle East and India. The session was an eye-opener to many participants and helped the team identify various areas requiring improvement in customer service and communication skills. Such training will help them serve customers in a more professional manner and thus it is hoped gain an edge over the competition. L-R Hilary Ganesh Nitesh George Mathew Trainer Tausif Liza Gurmeet and Tasnim 8 ISS REPORTERAROUNDTHENETWORK The Technological Innovations Conference Exposition brought together international manufacturers to share information on technological innovations in the oil gas sector. Kuwait Maritime Mercantile Company ISS Engineering Services Kuwait along with principals Rotork Controls from UK Magnetrol International from Belgium and Leser from Germany participated in the event conducting technical paper presentations along with displays of their product range. Rupendra Singh Sales Market Development of Leser Middle East receiving an award from TEF representative Zachariah Cherian Business Development Manager Oil Gas of ISS Engineering Services receiving an award from TEF representative on behalf of Rotork Controls Yvan Druez General Manager of Magnetrol International receiving an award from TEF representative along with ISS Engineering Services Manager Vivian Rodrigues Engineering Services join energy show ISS has won a new liner agency contract with specialist West African container line NileDutch. Under the new contract ISS Egypt will support NileDutchs new East Mediterranean to West Africa routes enhancing NileDutchs customer service and network in the region. Eddie Filus SVP Liner Solutions commented We are delighted to have been appointed liner agent for NileDutch in Egypt. ISS began operating in the country in 1998 and we have an excellent team at our Alexandria office with a proven track record in the market. We look forward to promoting the NileDutch brand and in particular working with shippers to and from West Africa. NileDutch is a renowned West African specialist. We are committed to delivering service excellence and believe that ISS and NileDutch will make a great team. Singapores Transtarr Group is working with ISS on the international delivery of its petroleum products to its global customer base. TSGs Group Executive Chairman Gordon CL Tan remarked We have been on the lookout for a suitable logistics service provider especially after the recent conclusion of major supply contracts with our producer partners in Russia. We believed that ISS has the experience and expertise to work together with our internal logistics support team to load and to deliver our cargoes efficiently and successfully to our customers on a global basis. TSG a major crude and petroleum product supply chain based in Singapore with strong producer partnerships and off-take agreements in Russia the United States and Latin America is anticipating enhanced cargo movements this year with supply contracts on hand estimated to exceed US500 million in the current year. In addition to established locations for loading such as the western ports of Russia Singapore Houston and others along the US East Coast the Group is also now well positioned to load from ports such as Vladivostok to deliver its fuel oils diesel naphtha and jet fuel to the Chinese Korean Japanese and Taiwanese markets. More information about the Group can be found at Nile-Dutch win for Liner Transtarr link-up AROUNDTHENETWORKISS REPORTER ISS Brazil is continuing its expansion programme in the dry-bulk sector with the opening of new offices in the south of the country. In the fertilizer market after new offices opened in Rio Grande Paranagua and Porto Alegre ISS was nominated to attend vessels from all these offices and at Itacoatiara. Astral Shipping appointed ISS Brazil as their subagent to handle the discharge of 21000 tonnes of fertilizer from the GENCO PROGRESS in Rio Grande the vessel was chartered by Dead Sea Works the business unit of ICL Israel. They also nominated ISS as subagent to discharge 35000 tonnes of fertilizer at Itacoatiara from the MARYLEBONE. Meanwhile Honeywell appointed ISS Paranagua for the discharge 30650 tonnes of sulphate of ammonia from the AEC BELIEF. ISS Vitoria received a nomination to handle the loading of iron ore for the WUGANG ATLANTIC. With a two-day of stoppage at Vales Tubarao terminal ISS monitored the situation closely keeping the customer informed of developments. Through our market intelligence tools providing information by commodity on line-ups monthly reports and tailor- made analysis ISS Brazil gained attention adding high value for the customers and resulting in the first appointment by Glencore for discharging sulfuric acid in Aratu from the MID FALCON. ISS Group Information Market Analysis Team and ISS Venezuela both lent their support. ISS Salvador is strengthening its operations after attending its first ship in 2014. Since then over 100 calls have been handled per year by the office covering Salvador Aratu Madre de Deus and Ilheus ports. The Salvador office is handling tankers offshore business bunker calls crew changes spare parts delivery general cargo dry-bulk and cruise ships. ISS South America region recently carried out a commercial blitz around Asia which included China Korea Japan Hong Kong and Singapore followed by India and Dubai. Many regional executives introduced ISS South America as a dry-bulk agency as well as all other sectors reinforcing our global presence large structure compliance and the financial health of the company for carriers and traders in the dry-bulk sector including the fertilizer iron ore coal and other trades. So ISS Brazil celebrated the end of a great year. Despite the difference in staff numbers from head office in Rio to the smaller ones like Salvador - all offices marked an excellent year with new employees joining the team and new offices ensuring our geographical expansion. Brazil marks year of progress GENCO PROGRESS at Rio Grande MERYLEBONE at Itacoatiara ChristmascelebrationinRiobelowandSalvador 10 ISS REPORTERLINERGOLFDAY As part of the two-day programme ISS was delighted to welcome guest speakers Uffe Ostergaard Chief Commercial Officer at UASC and Dirk Van Den Bosch VP Trade Business Development DP World. Both gave invaluable insight on the state of the industry from their own unique perspectives covering issues currently affecting growth current project updates and their thoughts for the future. The conference was followed by an ISS Golf Day and dinner at the Dubai Creek Golf Club where the team hosted customers from across the Middle East region. Liner Conference Eddie Filus SVP Liner Solutions opened the two-day conference with a round-up of the past year looking at container trade growth since 2014 and what could be in store in 2016. He went on to lay out ambitious growth plans for ISS liner business in 2016 focusing the team on harnessing key opportunities to meet regional targets. Chris Whiteside Acting CEO attended on day two to give a corporate overview and share recent results with the team. Reiterating ISS key focus areas of customer engagement service delivery our operational model and culture Chris encouraged the team to share output from the conference with their colleagues. Liner conference scores a bogey ISS recently held its first Liner Conference a gathering of the global liner team at the Crowne Plaza Festival City Events Centre in Dubai. Amanda Cetin reports. Eddie Filus opens the conference ambitious growth plans for ISS liner business in 2016 focusing the team on harnessing key opportunities to meet regional targets. The guest speaker on day one Uffe Ostergaard CCO of UASC provoked poignant discussion on the container ship supply and demand gap with state-of-the-art ships for minimal environmental impact being introduced to an already-struggling market. Mr Ostergaard also shared valuable insight with a lines perspective on the agents value proposition which sparked great interest and debate. On day two it was the turn of Dirk Van Den Bosch VP Trade Business ISS Chris Crookall gives a market overview UASCs Uffe Ostergaard on supply and demand DP Worlds Dirk Van Den Bosch on JAFZA developments LINERGOLFDAYISS REPORTER Chris Whiteside right talks with staff Development DP World to hold the rooms attention with updates on the container terminal 4 in Dubai and JAFZA a 57 square kilometre commercial and industrial logistics park housing over 7400 companies as part of an integrated hub at Jebel Ali Port. The busy agenda also included a market overview session as well as an interactive workshop on revenue improvement both led by Chris Crookall VP Liner Solutions. Various functions from ISS head office in the UK also presented covering HR and talent management compliance and ethics contracts service delivery and communications. The event was attended by liner managers from across ISS global network including representatives from Hawaii Ecuador Panama Egypt Denmark Turkey Tanzania Namibia Mozambique Kenya India Iraq Abu Dhabi Qatar Oman Bahrain Kuwait Papua New Guinea Cambodia Indonesia Australia and Dubai itself. Golf Day and dinner Following the conference ISS hosted a Golf Day and dinner for liner clients in the region at the Dubai Creek Golf Club. Guests enjoyed a light lunch on the terrace before a shotgun start to the Texas Scramble game which was attended by some 70 customers. Later in the evening over an informal dinner overlooking the creek prizes were awarded for longest drive beat the pro nearest the pin putting and of course 1st 2nd and 3rd team placements. The winning team hosted by Paul Knight of ISS. L-R Paul Knight Torsten Pedersen Svitzer Noel Rattan Emirates Shipping and Chris Whiteside 12 ISS REPORTERLAY-UPSERVICES Laying-up in safe hands Global trade and markets have a profound effect on many industries but perhaps none more so than shipping. As one of the true global industries any change anywhere has a ripple effect across the oceans of the world and amongst the operators working it. RandiBlidensol reports. A reduction in manufacturing out of step with an increase in commodity trade over the last few years has caused dramatic changes to the number of vessels scrapped new-builds and the number of ships in lay-up. These current trends reflect to a large extent the market situation in the worlds largest economies. Reduced manufacturing not just in China has led to a reduction in the trading of iron ore and coal which in turn has led to a reduction in the number of dry cargo vessels finding work. Likewise the overproduction of crude oil from both shale gas and more traditional extraction methods has led to the massive slump in oil prices affecting the profitability of the offshore industry and the oil industry as a whole. As a result of these market changes many owners and operators find themselves in a situation where they are better off laying up their vessels than trading them at low or zero profit. For some this may mean taking a ship out of operation in unfamiliar locations far away from their own home ground. To manage the process can be time-consuming and costly but often it is still preferable to returning the vessel to a port closer to home not least because when a favourable employment opportunity does arise it pays to be in the right place at the right time. Taking a ship out of employment is a temporary measure and requires both coordination and also a certain level of flexibility. There is always the crew to consider repatriation ahead of schedule visa arrangements possible cash settlements as well as the possible need for retaining a skeleton crew on board to maintain essential services if the ship is to be kept in hot lay-up ready for a quick redeployment. Perhaps security guards are required and if your own crew remain onboard will you require supplies Then there is the question of which ports allow or are suitable for lay-up. Does the port or its anchorage allow for both hot and cold lay-up Are there any ports nearby that may provide a better service than the location you are currently in There are local port authorities to deal with local regulations identifying the potential cost and ensuring all documentation is in order. better off laying up than trading at low or zero profit. Is there high-value or sensitive equipment onboard for scientific purposes for example which might need special care Will your crew or the Master require means of communication medical assistance And so the list goes on. As a global partner with local expertise and centralised coordination of husbandry and crew services ISS is in a unique position to help our partners overcome such difficulties. We can help you find the location that suits your purpose best support you with any central coordination and ensure cost efficiency of services. ISS is represented in more than 500 locations worldwide and has the largest proprietary network of port agents globally. We offer centralised coordination of vessel husbandry services crew transfers and travel. For more information please contact us at enquiries or get in touch with your local ISS agent. Falmouth 2009 PhotoPortStrategy Bergen 2015 LAY-UPSERVICESISS REPORTER Local Services Port agency and Vessel Husbandry Full Husbandry Services in 300 locations globally Local regulations and translation support Advance advice on availability of supplies Liaise with port authorities for suitable anchorage Advise on local customs requirements for lay-up Arrange port entry services such as anchorage pilot port dues light dues Arranging fuel freshwater provisions and stores Boarding vessel as required Communicating with vessel daily Reporting to principals Coordinating repairs Underwater services Communicate with port local federal and other officials Arrange Class PI and HM visits Crew Assistinthereductionofon-boardcrewtosafemanninglevels Repatriation and demobilisation of crew Accommodation Communication services Coordination with immigration and customs services Transportation tofrom shore Facilitate entry to port Medical and emergency support for crew Services Related to Longer Lay - Ups Lock down arrangements Portable heaters Portable coolers Portable generators Meal relief arrangements for shore personnel De-humidifier equipment Centralised and Global Operations 247 operations of local and centralised services Documented working procedures Dedicated account management Trained qualified and skilled staff members managing the business Robust QA HSSE and anti-bribery processes in place Hub and Marine Outsourcing Solutions SPoR 6 One point of contact one bank account one weekly statement free service ISS Finance Hub 6 Treasury solutions and centralised FDA management 6 FOREX management ISS Global Hub 6 Full operational and financial DA Management 6 Treasury functions 6 Market Intelligence and customized reporting Crew Services Crew Logistics Services 6 centralised coordination of crew changes transits accommodation and last mile services ISS GMT 6 247 global marine travel agency with marine rates Brightwell Navigator and CTM Solutions 6 Reducing the amount of cash required on- board for crew and master and increasing overall security through a card platform Technical Support and Cargo Logistics Door 2 Deck centralised coordination of ships spares logistics Project Logistics for removal and transport of heavy and specialised equipment Freight forwarding and warehousing capability in key locations for offshore Machinery Services providing global support through local and flying squad resources for 6 Machinery Parts 6 Plant Machinery 6 Safety Equipment 6 Service Maintenance Lay Up Support Core and Supporting Services Weve been here before in lay-up at Rogers City on Lake Huron circa 1952World War 2 vessels on the Hudson River circa 1955 PhotoRenBeauchamp MarineAgency CrewServices CargoLogistics HubMarine Outsourcing SurveyingPI ISSTechnicalSupport EnvironmentalCorporate SocialResponsibility ISSInformationSystems 14 ISS REPORTERLNG CHINA In December 2014 the Gaslog Chelsea loaded with 150000 cubic metres of LNG from Papua New Guinea berthed at the Sinopec Shandong Qingdao LNG terminal in China. Its arrival marked Sinopecs first LNG project in Shandong Province. The first phase of the project has a designed receiving and transport capacity of three million tons equal to four billion cubic metres of natural gas and capable of meeting the demand of 22 million households a year. Located at the new Dongjiakou port in the West Coast New Area the Sinopec Shandong Qingdao LNG terminal was constructed and is operated independently by Sinopec. In future it will have an annual receiving and transport capacity of 10 million tons. The first shipment of commercial gas came from a newly commissioned LNG project in PNG. In 2009 Sinopec signed a long-term deal to buy two million tonnes per annum from the PNG LNG project over a period of 20 years. Sinopec is the last of Chinas three national oil companies to begin importing LNG making a significant contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction in the country. As agent ISS China has been involved in this project since 2010. We assisted Sinopec in developing knowhow of terminal and ship operations port tariffs tug usage and other matters such as assimilating and collating LNG terminal information and port manuals for all Chinas own LNG terminals. As of December 2015 one year on ISS Qingdao had acted as local agent for 13 LNG shipments at the new port. Compared with other vessels LNG tanker operations are demanding commencing with the berthing operations at the yet to be finished Qingdao LNG terminal. Furthermore it takes at least five working days to obtain relevant government permission for berthing such vessels. And the LNG commercial interests also require a high level of quality service. To cater to these needs ISS Qingdao formed a team of specialised operational staff their sole purpose being to attend to the LNG business. The Qingdao LNG terminal is still in its construction and expansion phase and ISS continues to assist the terminal in all aspects of its marine business including the incoming LNG vessels. PAPUA NEW GUINEA In May 2014 Spirit of Hela loaded the first LNG cargo out of Papua New Guinea bound for Tokyo Electric Power Co in Japan with ISS PNG acting as terminal agent for the historic shipment. The terminal 20 kilometres from Port Moresby sees the ISS PNG agency team on site daily with vessels loading every three to four days. As agents ISS coordinates and communicates between terminal and vessel to handle arrival and departure organise clearance procedures and ensure there are no operational delays. ISS also fulfils its clients cargo export documentation to meet Customs requirements. JAPAN ISS Japan started handling LNG imports in 1969 and has increased its volumes year by year. Today Japan is the worlds biggest LNG importer in 2014 delivering some 88 million tons carried by close to 1500 LNG tankers. In the earlier days of the LNG trade all cargoes were delivered by vessels chartered by cargo vendors under DES Delivered ex Ship terms. Nowadays we estimate more than 30 percent of cargoes are delivered by vessels chartered by Japanese buyers under FOB Free on Board terms and this is a growing trend. LNG cargoes are imported by 17 buyers at 29 LNG receiving terminals around Japan. The number of both buyers and receiving terminals is expected to grow further in the year ahead. Another feature of the trade in its early stages was the use of long-term contracts typically for 20 years or more vessels being deployed according to an annual delivery programme. Inrecentyearsthoselong-term contractsservingolderLNGprojectsare expiringorarebeingrenewedundernew termsandconditionswhilesimultaneously newLNGprojectsareappearing. As cargo sources have expanded LNG buyers have started importing cargoes from various points of origin on spot short-term or portfolio contracts to meet peak demand or to cover the time gap between termination of old contracts and the commencement of new projects. In particular following the Tohoku earthquake and nuclear accident at Fukushima in 2011 electric power companies dramatically increased LNG imports on spot and short-term contract to cover the closure of nuclear power stations replaced by the thermal alternative. LNG An Agents perspective assisted Sinopec in developing knowhow of terminal and ship operations port tariffs tug usage and other matters . . . Port Moresby the terminal is 20km from the city To date having handled over 150 vessel calls the PNG terminal is almost regarded as home port for the regular LNG carriers and ISS has extended its services to these vessels for all husbandry needs such as crew changes Immigration formalities ship provisioning and spares waste removal etc. These husbandry operations are carried out through the terminal or over the seaward ships side ensuring loading operations are not disrupted. ISS has long been active in PNG handling the coastal petroleum product tanker trade on behalf clients. With the commencement of the LNG trade which is expected to produce more than nine trillion cubic feet of gas over the estimated 30 years of operations we continue to strengthen and enhance our service delivery to our LNG clients. LNGISS REPORTER Today we expect LNG import volumes to remain stable for the time being although as said import sources are expanding. ISS Japan has worked as agents for LNG vessels from the beginning of the trade in 1969 and are today working for nine projects supplying cargoes under long-term contract and for more than 30 owners and operators of LNG vessels who trade under spot and short-term contract. In 2014 ISS attended 898 LNG calls at ports around Japan. Forownersandoperatorsitisimportant tocomplywiththerequirementsofeach terminalandlocalregulationsinadditionto internationalrules.Tothisendweprovide ourclientswiththenecessaryinformation andassistinmeetingrequirementssuchas 5 Customs verification to CTMS Custody Transfer Measurement System. Before trading to Japan LNG vessels are required to have verification for accuracy of CTMS i.e. cargo tank table and gauging system by Japanese Customs authorities in order to determine the import quantity for taxation. 5 Confirmationofship-shore compatibility. When the vessel calls at an LNG terminal for the first time it is common procedure to hold a meeting at the terminal in order to confirm ship- shore compatibility i.e. interface of ship- shore connection mooring arrangement cargo operation procedures etc. 5 Local regulations. For LNG vessels each port authority and terminal has the regulations for safety in port entry and cargo operations according to the particular conditions of each region. LNG operators and officer personnel are required to study and understand those local regulations in advance and to fulfil the necessary reporting and arrangements for escort tug watch boat etc. MIDDLE EAST LNG loading operations in the Middle East are principally centred on Abu Dhabi Oman and Qatar where port agency work is traditionally handled by state or local agents. However due to restrictions on vessel husbandry at most of the load terminals in the region LNG tankers carry out survey work crew changes and take on spares and supplies at Fujairah either when in transit to or from the loadport or while awaiting orders at the Fujairah anchorage. ISS handles such calls for major operators including Mitsui OSK Lines and BW Gas with the ISS launch fleet based out of Fujairah and Khorfakkan. A further operation for ISS on behalf of global clients such as Teekay LNG Partners and Exmar is the servicing of floating re-gasification units operated from ports in Kuwait and Bahrain. As port and offshore agents ISS delivers a range of agency and logistics services to the LNG sector across the region. These include the provision of specialised local information at the pre-project and planning stage local vessel and operating permits and clearances during mobilisation the provision of services during the project period from vessel agency to crew and personnel logistics the management of onshore supply bases and PI survey and loss adjusting. USA The discovery of shale gas in the US has prompted existing as well as potential new facilities to be built with liquefaction capability radically altering the balance of trade. Where several billion dollar facilities have been developed over recent years for the import of LNG based on the fear of shortages these are now being transformed into export facilities with US Government approval. This in turn has resulted in a transitional lull in business until conversion work is completed still two years or more away. With much of the LNG market still in limbo or in transition from regasification to liquefaction we can only speculate as to what the market will be doing over the next year. The transition from regasification to liquefaction is of course market driven. The development of LNG production in shale sites has dramatically changed the market forcing many players to reverse direction or stop all together. Among the LNG movements that shipping agents such as ISS have handled are discharge operations at terminals such as CMS Trunkline LNG Lake Charles LA Sempra Marine Terminal Hackberry LA Cheniere Energy Inc. Sabine Pass LA Golden Pass LNG Sabine Pass TX Freeport LNG Freeport TX Southern LNG Elba Island GA Dominion Cove Point LNG Lusby MD. Several of these terminals are in the process of re-fitting and many new start-ups are either breaking ground or are still in the planning stage. Most of the projects referred to above will not have reached the Federal Energy Regulation Commission approval and financial agreement stage until later this year or into 2017. Completion of many of the conversion projects in the states of Louisiana and Texas are only forecast for 2017 to 2019. From the agents point of view the operational learning curve to adjust to such changes are minimal. However we have all seen the inherent volatility of the LNG market before and the financial ramifications that come along with it. ISS has been able to weather the ups and downs. When LNG imports were strong we were able to increase our experience through gaining a bigger market share. When the US market began to slow down we were able to fall back on other business without losing LNG personnel. We are therefore ready to take on the challenges and opportunities the sector present. 16 ISS REPORTERCRUISEREVIEW The past year has seen a rapid expansion in cruise activity for ISS across the network as shown in this colourful roundup. ISS has won the tender bid for Thomson Cruises for the 2016-17 season reports Grant Holmes who manages the two new accounts. Berth reservations have been made for the THOMSON CELEBRATION in all the UAE ports Abu Dhabi Dubai Khor Fakkan and for Bahrain and Qatar. Thomson Cruises is a completely new cruise client for ISS the business being awarded through Intercruises who manage all portberth bookings for the line. Talks on managing their logistics in the Middle East region and cooperation on a global scale are ongoing. Meanwhile we have been awarded a number of calls for Silversea in the last few months notably Roatan Honduras Bay the UAE and Qatar. Silversea is a 5-star luxury product and considered by many to be the model for luxury cruising. A typical cruise costs US1000 per day. We anticipate the relationship will strengthen further this year especially with the growth of their Expedition fleet. Thomson and Silversea choose ISS ISS Mombasa closed 2015 on a high and opened the new year on the same note. As the rest of the world was closing business for the festive holidays ISS Mombasa saw a peak of activity. We are optimistic that more cruise vessels will call at the port said David Mackay who is leading the charge for new business. November 2015 to January 2016 saw four vessels between them make seven calls at the port namely the NAUTICA INSIGNIA SEVEN SEAS VOYAGER and SILVER CLOUD. Mombasa hits a high note A Round the World Cruise with ISS Roatan Island Honduras THOMSON CELEBRATION berth reservations made Silver Cloud Japan attracts more cruising There were 1204 port calls made by cruise ships in Japan during 2014 551 by Japanese vessels while the remaining 653 comprised foreign flagged ships. ISS Japan handled 111 of these 653 calls. By contrast in 2015 the number rose to 1452 in total with 965 calls by the foreign flagged ships. And ISS Japans share leapt to 300 calls. This figure is expected to rise to 350 in 2016 and industry sources foresee a continuing rise in cruise traffic for the next three years at least. Toyomi Shimizu says Attending to a cruise ship requires an enormous amount of knowledge covering the ships themselves Nautica Insignia Seven Seas CRUISEREVIEWISS REPORTER their ports of call local and national laws and regulations as well as being able to handle the guests crew and logistics with expertise. ISS Japan has them all and we care greatly about the quality of service we provide. UAE season underway LAUSTRALiswelcomedtotheCityofYokohamainaspecialon-board ceremony.L-RCaptainJean-PhilippeLemaireChiefEngineerDidierMontil andGuestRelationsOfficerJohannaStansfieldwiththeCityswelcoming Hapag Lloyd Cruises flagship EUROPA 2 made two port calls at the beginning of the season while Noble Caledonias ISLAND SKY also visited Abu Dhabi and Sir Bani Yas Island. And the AIDASTELLA during her maiden voyage to the Gulf called at the newly built cruise terminal in Mina Zayed port where the Master was presented with a plaque by ISS Port Manager Alex Thomas and Operations Executive Hafniyaas Hanaas. Following a well-rehearsed and executed turnaround of passengers at the new terminal the ship set course for its first seven day voyage of the season to Dubai Muscat and Bahrain. This year AIDASTELLA will make 23 calls at Mina Zayed. ISS Abu Dhabi is looking forward to a successful cruise season taking full advantage of our beautiful new terminal environment said Adrian Richter. On her maiden voyage into the Gulf with 1526 passengers and 634 crew AIDASTELLA called Port Rashid where Capt. Cornelis Rummier was presented with commemorative plaques by ISS DP World Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing DPW Security and Dubai Customs. The ship will make a total of 20 calls in Dubai during the season. EUROPA 2 ISLAND SKY AIDASTELLA THE WORLD called at Vietnamese ports. Apart from the traditional destinations of Quang Ninh Ha Long Bay Chan May Hue Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City she also called Phu Quoc Island - a new destination in South Vietnam. With good preparation and efficient coordination with the relevant parties in Phu Quoc Island the ISS-Gemadept team once again delivered a second-to-none service to its customer. In his feedback on all the Vietnam calls Senior Captain Dag H. Saevik wrote Your services were much appreciated and the feedback I had was very good. A world of difference 18 ISS REPORTERCRUISEREVIEW WithQatarhostingaseriesofglobaleventsit hasbecomecriticalforthenationtogrowand expanditstourismsoastodrawacriticalmass oftouristsandvisitorswhocanguaranteethe popularandcommercialsuccessoftheevents. Overthelastdecadetourismhasbeenoneof thefastestgrowingindustriestheworldover. GrantHolmesreports. While oil and gas are finite and depletable resources tourism is a sustainable and non-exhaustive source of economic activity often serving as one of the most effective drivers for the development of regional economies. Besides its implications for the economy a flourishing tourism sector in Qatar will offer numerous benefits on a nationwide scale. Source Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030 Qatar Tourism Authority recently awarded ISS a prestigious tender for its Cruise Tourism Development Strategy. Under this mandate ISS will provide QTA with a clear assessment of the cruise industry and its potential development for Qatar to ensure a sound strategy is put in place to engage develop and drive the cruise industry for maximisation of returns and to Study the state of the global cruise industry and current market trends Develop a sustainable cruise industry business from a short medium and long-term perspective Create cruise volume projections until 2035 Provide a complete analysis of all Cruise Arabia regional cruise activities Attract world class cruise operators to Qatar as an integral part of the wider Cruise Arabia itinerary Support the QTA to station cruise ships at the port of Doha to accommodate visitors for the 2022 FIFA World Cup The Government of Qatar is working towards transforming the existing commercial port of Doha into an attractive tourist facility. Already in the final stages of planning are cultural facilities marine recreational facilities luxury accommodation and hotels retail outlets and ultimately a modern cruise terminal all of which will be serviced by a state-of-the-art transport system. Qatar Ports Management Company Mwani plans to use one of its existing berths to accommodate cruise lines from the second half of 2016 onwards as a temporary cruise terminal. ISS were in this connection recently awarded another prestigious consultancy for the study and design of all superstructure landside facilities required for a fully serviced Qatar Tourism chooses ISS Doha ISS Australia recently hosted Star Cruises in preparation for the cruise season and the scheduled arrival for the SUPERSTAR VIRGO calling as part of the 48 day Southern Hemisphere Cruise schedule. Ten calls were scheduled including three ports in Western Australia before moving through South Australia Victoria Tasmania New South Wales and Queensland ports with a final call at Darwin in the Northern Territories. ISS coordinated terminal and facilities inspections which were well received and highlighted the level of cruise expertise within the Australian team. The award to ISS is the result of continued hard work through Joel Yeo as account manager with ISS nominated as agents in South East Asia and now Australia. The SUPERSTAR VIRGO is the flagship of Star Cruises Asian fleet accommodating over 1900 passengers and providing Australias growing cruise market with a new addition to the cruise operators offering services around the Australian coast. Australia hosts a star . . . Left to right Joel Yeo ISS Sales Manager Asia Pacific David Pratt GM ISS Australia Steven Ang Star Cruises Ian Khaw Star Cruises Yvonne Tan Star Cruises Colin Pereira ISS Port Botany ISS Indonesia and PT Equator Marindo handled the first cruise vessel to call at Jakartas port of Tanjung Priok on behalf of Star Cruises flagship vessel SUPERSTAR VIRGO. This was a first for both the Tanjung Priok Passenger Terminal as well as for ISS Indonesia. . . . and its a first for Tanjung Priok CRUISEREVIEWISS REPORTER cruise terminal which can accommodate the cruise lines visiting Qatar until the existing port in Doha is redeveloped into a fully-fledged cruise port. Leading the cruise sector initiatives for ISS globally is Grant Holmes Vice President Cruise Solutions. He was a guest speaker at the recent Seatrade Middle East Cruise Forum in Doha where several leading cruise lines committed to making Qatar a port of call for luxury cruise ships by the last quarter of 2016. With years of cruise industry expertise behind him Grant has provided training for leading cruise line brands governments and port authorities as well as advising destinations such as Venezuela Colombia Cyprus Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah and Bahrain on cruise strategy. Working together with him is Ravi Ramachandran Country General Manager of ISS in Qatar leading the cruise strategy activity including collaboration with all local stakeholders. ISS in Qatar provides a diverse range of services which includes marine services maritime consultancy port agency surveyors and PI correspondents freight forwarding Customs clearance packing and removals warehousing and distribution military support logistics offshore services and liner services and is regarded as an experienced and reliable link in the customers supply chain. Grant recently attended the Dubai Maritime Innovations Workshop part of the UAE Innovations Week. We received the invitation from DTCM and were permitted just one seat at the table. There were other tables representing different sectors within the maritime industry too. The workshop was interactive and we were asked to collectively list the challenges we faced and innovate proactive idealistic programmes of solutions with no barriers. I represented the Cruise Tourism sector and presented the outcome of our collective findings. The welcoming reception was attended by Deputy Director Ministry of Tourism Government of Indonesia Ian Khaw Messrs Iskandar and Ong from Star Cruises and Captain Ajay Bhandari Rahul Nagpal and Joel Yeo from ISS. The Master was presented with a plaque by ISS on arrival congratulating him on this maiden call to Indonesia. Over 1000 passengers were welcomed by traditional Indonesian dancers and enjoyed the wonderful experience of Jakarta. Fit for a princess ISS Bunbury was appointed for the recent inaugural cruise vessel call at Busselton 220 kilometres southwest of Perth in the picturesque South West region of Western Australia. The DIAMOND PRINCESS called in near perfect conditions which made for a great day for the 2589 passengers and 1085 crew on board. With Busselton being a non-proclaimed port the logistics involved were substantial but the call was a roaring success and will be used as a benchmark for future such calls. ISS Bunbury Port Manager Jonathan Wicks received strong praise from the Mayor of Busselton for an outstanding job in co- ordinating the call which included the disembarkation of around 2000 people and carried with it an economic bonus for the town of some A300000. Union recognises our expertise The Greek Cruise Union has appointed ISS John Efstathiou to be their Vice President as Christos Makrialeas reports. The Union held its AGM on board the cruise ship Celestyal Olympia during which new board members were elected. WeareproudthatourowncolleagueJohnEfstathiou CruiseOperationsISSGreecewaselectedtothe positionofVicePresidentalongsidePresident TheodoreKontesfromMajesticCruiseLineandGeneral SecretaryCapt.GeorgeKoumpenasfromCelestyal Cruises.Thisappointmentisarecognitionof JohnsstandinginthecruisecommunityinGreece andenableshimtoeffectivelyrepresentISS interestsinaninfluentialandimportantarena. Grant was also invited by the Bahraini Minister of Trade Commerce and Tourism to make a speech at the Cruise Open Day. Here is a summary of his presentation. Key cruise worldwide facts and forecasts In 2015 the cruise market is expected to reach 39.6 billion Global cruise passenger volumes in 2015 are forecast to reach 22.2million The number of global cruise ships operating in 2015 is 298 The worldwide average cruise price is US1779.82 per person. Top Tips Manage Cruise Bahrain positioning from a marketing perspective Articulate the Bahrain Value Proposition to the needs of each cruise line Clean up and optimise the key attraction sites in Bahrain Increase the variety and regional diversification of shore excursions Develop the cruise infrastructure according to needs Increase the pool for qualified tourist guides work in progress Direct approach visit corporate offices of cruise lines and attend Seatrades events Create a cruise collaboration committee for all stakeholders Develop an effective 360 degree cruise strategy. 20 ISS REPORTERCRUISEREVIEW ISS handled the first cruise liner to call at the Oxxean Terminal at Puerto Montt in Chilean Patagonia marking a milestone for this newly opened facility. Hapag Lloyds EUROPA 2 built in 2013 and with over 450 passengers on board is a six star ship and Master passengers tour operators and the terminal were all fully satisfied with the call. Captain Cristian Van Zwamen wrote We are quite happy to be the first cruise ship to use these port facilities which are suitable for our needs. We even had the chance to embark 2x40 containers with provisions and spare parts. We will leave Puerto Montt with a satisfactory impression. Hapag call marks milestone 37 The Reception and Servicing of Cruise Ships in Lemnos event was conducted on the beautiful Greek island with ISS Greeces John Efstathiou attending on behalf of the company. The conference was organised by the Port Development Section of the National Technical University under the chairmanship of former Rector and President of the Regulatory Authority of Ports Professor Constantine Moutzouris and in collaboration with the Commercial Association of Lemnos. In his introductory speech Prof. Moutzouris third from left explained the necessity of the meeting and rapporteurs gave their ideas and plans on ensuring the best possible welcome and servicing of cruise ships on Lemnos. The President of the Greek Cruise Association Theodore Kontes second from left showed the benefits of the cruise at national and international level. Promoting an island economy Vice President of the Greek Cruise Association ISS John Efstathiou seventh from left pointed out the importance of the sector to the economy and analysed ways of developing the cruise business for Lemnos. Deputy CEO of the Piraeus Port Authority Panagiotis Petroulis fourth from left then described the current provisions for cruise ships and passengers in the port of Piraeus following which the President of the Port Authority of Heraklion John Bras sixth from left shared his experience and practices on the island of Crete. Associate President of the Technological Educational Institute Athens Professor Pericles Lytras first on left presented data for Lemnos tourism development and the necessity for tourism development. Architect Paraschos Karavatakis fifth from left presented a study on the siting of port infrastructure for a cruise terminal at the islands capital of Myrina. President of the Commercial Association of Lemnos Chrysostomos Psaras eighth from left concluded by thanking Ecuadors Ministry of Tourism and ISS have been helping to put Ecuador on the cruise destination map in a recent initiative to attract more cruise operators to the country. Often a lesser known tourist destination in South America compared with Brazil and Argentina ISS Ecuador worked closely with the Ministry of Tourism on the organisation of a cruise familiarisation trip to promote the countrys unique four worlds in one place comprising the Galapagos Islands the Amazon the Andes and the Pacific Coast. During the trip cruise line executives including representatives of Royal Caribbean Cruises Silversea and Holland America were given a taste of the four contrasting worlds of the country as well as its beautiful and varied ports including Esmeraldas Guayaquil and Manta. Jeffery Matthew Cohen Port Operations Manager for Holland America Group commented on the experience It was a fascinating itinerary programme that the Ministry of Tourism showcased for us. I was excited to see Ecuador from a guest perspective and it was very helpful to experience several port cities that I had not visited such as Esmeraldas and Guayaquil. I had only previously explored Manta. Ecuador has a rich cultural heritage that is very appealing to tourists and truly has something for everyone. Additional highlights during the trip included a visit to Mitad del Mundo the Equator at the middle of the world and Ecuador loves life CRUISEREVIEWISS REPORTER ISS and John Efstathiou for their contribution to cruise development on Lemnos. Meanwhile Christos Makrialeas presented a paper at the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum in the panel for Shore Excursions and Land Programmes Design Pricing Profitability and Destination Marketing. ISS also participated as exhibitors. Christos commented A very lively panel and all the speakers enjoyed the session which included speakers from most of our local and global competitors. All credit to them for congratulating us for our presentation. Two Ministers - for Tourism and Shipping - attended as well as cruise line CEOs from Azamara Crystal CLIA and Medcruise among other decision makers of the industry. L-R Co-moderator Chrissie Palassis Partner at CTM Hellas Christos Makrialeas Gianluca Suprani Head of Global Port Development Shore Activities MSC Cruises S.A Cruise Panels Moderator Nigel Lingard Cruise Travel Industry Management Consultant Andreas Stylianopoulos President CEO Navigator Travel Tourist Services Andra Howie Manager Shore Excursions for Princess Holland America Seabourn Elisabetta De Nardo Director Port Operations Silversea Cruises L-R Christos Chrissie Palassis Elisabetta De Nardo Director Port Operations Silversea Cruises with thumbs up and our John Eftstahiou enjoy an evening at Lake Vouliagmeni Malecn 2000 an urban renewal project overlooking the Guayas River in Guayaquil where the visitors took in the historic houses and structures of the neighbourhood of Las Peas. L-RThomasAlvaPemberton-PresidentTDEToursMunicipalDelegate ShelleyStevenPlanningExecutiveSwanHellenicBiancaFarquharson AccountExecutiveRoyalCaribbeanCruisesJavierHrycaniukManagerofthe PortConteconJeffreyMatthewCohenManagerPortOperationsHolland AmericaGroupShandraStoeterauManagerLandProgrammesSilversea PaulinaAndradeConnectivityDirectorMinistryofTourismIdaVargas BranchManagerISSEcuadorBasilKaratzasCEOPresidentKaratzas MarineAdvisorsCarlosPrietoPortOperationsControllerISSEcuador. ManausPilotsheldaseminarforISSManausDeputiesSenators andtheMaritimeAuthorityintroducingtheirservicesanddiscuss thesafetyofnavigationalongtheAmazonandSolimoesRivers. AlsoinvitedwastheGovernmentTourismBureau.ISSishandling 100ofcruiseshipscallingattheportduringthecurrentseason. Piloting the Amazon ISS also introduced each port and its benefits to operators. Ida Vargas ISS Ecuador Branch Manager said We were delighted to assist the Ministry of Tourism with this cruise fam- trip to help promote Ecuadorian tourism and attract more cruise ships to our ports. Ecuador has so much to offer cruise lines operating in the Pacific. The government has also made a considerable investment to attract more visitors to the experiences this unique country can offer. ISS REPORTERCRUISEREVIEW 22 7 Star Cruises SUPERSTAR AQUARIUS was in Keelung where ISS presented a memorial plate to both Masters as they carried out a handover. L-R Captain Peder Nilsson ISS Jeff Lee and the relieving Captain Carl Johan Nilermark. Twins in Taiwan Meanwhile the SUPERSTAR VIRGO was in Kaohsiung where Jeff presented another memorial plate to Captain Jan Blomqvist. ISS Taiwan is handling 126 turnaround calls for the SUPERSTAR AQUARIUS in Keelung and 16 transit calls in both Kaohsiung and Taichung respectively for the SUPERSTAR VIRGO. More than just cruising There is an important social dimension to our work as cruise agents besides the business side of the job. ISS Greece in collaboration with the Holland Americas ROTTERDAM arranged a donation of blankets and duvets to the Childrens Ark a non-governmental organisation supporting children in need as Mary Varra reports. The charitys main purpose is to offer education health support and the essentials to isolated children of the Roma Community in Corinth and also to Greek children of unemployed parents. HAL Rotterdam donated 77 duvets 340 blankets 750 small bottles of sanitizer antiseptics and four boxes of clothing from the crew members. Childrens Ark representative Sofia Kratz warmly thanked the Executive Housekeeper of HAL ROTTERDAM and ISS Greece for their kindness and support. The Childrens Ark Volunteers of Childrens Ark ISS Charleston arranged a donation of 50 teddy bears purchased by the crew of the CARNIVAL FANTASY to the Medical Universitys Children Hospital. The bears are for some very sick children who require urgent care for critical illnesses. Barbara Rivers of the MUSC Childrens Supporting homeport communities Hospital accepted the donation from Captain Stefano Battinelli of the CARNIVAL FANTASY. Continuing Carnivals long-time support of its homeport communities the CARNIVAL FANTASY in partnership with ISS and Customs and Border Protection donated metal bed frames and clothing to the Connie Maxwells Childrens Orphanage in Greenwood S.C. Pictured right top with the donated items are from left Carnival Fantasy Environmental Officer Joseph Kohrman Customs and Border Protection Supervisor Kenzie Driggers III ISS Gary Santos Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director Robert A. Fencel and Carnival Fantasy Captain Stefano Battinelli Staff Captain Salvatore Marrone HR Director Tammy Smith and Hotel Director Steve Scandale. The CARNIVAL FANTASY operates four five and seven-day cruises from the Port of Charleston. The Black Mountain Home for Children Youth and Families thanked ISS Gary Santos for donating 10 large boxes of clothes from crewmembers on the CARNIVAL FANTASY who didnt want CRUISEREVIEWISS REPORTER Four cruise vessels ISLAND PRINCESS PRINSENDAM ROTTERDAM and SS VOYAGER were berthed in Kusadasi recently - all under the ISS Merkez agency. Passenger numbers varied from 600 to 2000 with favourite shore excursions including the House of the Virgin Mary and St. Johns Basilica at Ephesus and the Selcuk Archaeological Museum. A foursome for ISS Merkez Meanwhile Windstar Cruise has now added the Caribbean port of Culebra to its itinerary this season. Culebra is a small tourist island which is part of Puerto Rico and not normally called at by cruise vessels thus adding to the extraordinary cruise experience in which Windstar specialises. They will make 16 calls to Culebra this season anchoring offshore and taking passengers ashore by vessels launch. An extraordinary experience to take their additional clothing home. The ships HR Director has them washed folded and boxed so I can donate them to various orphanages in and around South Carolina says Gary. Our goal is to help our less fortunate citizens in and around our state especially our most vulnerable ones.our children. CaptainStefanoBattinelliMasteroftheCarnivalFantasy his staffandPeterLehmanVPofCruisefortheSouthCarolinaState PortAuthorityinCharlestonreceivingthe2015Maritime AssociationofSouthCarolinasEnvironmentalAwardonValentines Day.Thisawardrecognizesamongotherthingsthevessels contributiontothedonationprogrammethatourofficeinitiated threeyearsagotodonatemattressesclothingandappliancesto thelessfortunateinourcommunityaswellashelpingtoprotectthe environmentbyeliminatingtheseitemshavingtogotothelandfills. The ISLAND PRINCESS operated by Princess Cruises assisted with the rescue of 119 Syrian nationals from a 7.6 metre yacht in the Ionian Sea. ISS Greece and the Red Cross assisted with the emergency landing at the port of Katakolon. The ship continued on to make her port call at Santorini before proceeding to Mykonos. To the rescue 24 ISS REPORTERTECHNOLOGY 9 Implementation YourISS2 implementation continues at great pace ably led by Tom Hamilton Harry Corkerry and Mark Stanley and supported by the innovation team of Kasi Viswanatahan Ramprasad Rangachary JaganMohan Dhandapani Ruben Rivas and Moises Figuero. Recent locations to go live have been Canada Kuwait Bahrain Qatar Mexico and Singapore. Refresher training has been conducted in Australia which included New Zealand users too the USA and the UK to remind users of the full capabilities of YourISS2. The next locations to go live and enjoy the benefits of the outstanding YourISS2 training team of Suzy Howey-Phillips and Matt Chiffi will be Greece and Malta closely followed by Belgium the Netherlands and China. 9 Customer on-boarding The customer on-boarding team of Dan Whysall and Tom Wilson have been kept busy. The customer reaction to YourISS2 has been pleasing to see. Six customers in Australia have gone live on YourISS2 a large LNG shipper and a significant broker to name but a few. We wont name drop in this issue as the on-boarding process is still taking place. But the pipeline for future customers wanting to enjoy the benefits of YourISS2 is growing daily and globally. 9 YourISS2 Champions Due to the demand and potential for customers wanting to sign up to YourISS2 Champions are being appointed in key locations. The primary role of the Champion is to provide demonstration support to the commercial team mentoring users in locations and ensuring flawless service delivery in the region or country they are supporting and most importantly to be the customer-facing resource who works with the client to train them on how to use the system and to gain maximum benefit. The Champions appointed to date are Brett Currier for Australia Elroy de Menezes for the Middle East and Jamie Hunter for Europe. The remaining locations are still to be finalised. The Champions report into the regional head or country GM and are mentored by Chief Innovation Officer Bryan Phillips. 9 Features and Benefits At its core YourISS2 is actually quite simple as well as powerful. It is port agency delivered to our customers through a unique web-based platform that is real time standardised structured and easy to access. YourISS2 Update Gone are the days of drowning in emails searching for documents wondering if your agent has updated you . . . Recent YourISS2 training sessions 9 1 Canada in New Orleans led by Suzy Howey-Phillips Matt Chiffi led the North America Refresher Training on the same dates 9 23 Singapore led by Suzy Howey-Phillips 9 4 Mexico in Veracruz led by Suzy Howey-Phillips and supported by Harry Corkerry Project Manager 9 5 Kuwait Bahrain and Qatar in Dubai. Training led by Matt Chiffi and supported by Tom Hamilton Project Manager. 1 4 TECHNOLOGYISS REPORTER Gone are the days of drowning in emails searching for documents wondering if your agent has updated you receiving conflicting operational messages not to mention Port Cost Estimates Statements of Fact Disbursement Accounts and whatever other myriad of documents a client receives. At its core YourISS2 provides significant benefits complemented by a slick user interface. Other benefits such as compliance financial controls and improved cash flow are manifest. From this core additional value starts to demonstrate itself The real time laytime calculator that feeds directly from the agents port call module as the port call progresses provides a great tool for clients to efficiently and quickly produce laytime calculations - a great time and money saver. The reports module provides instant access to operational port and terminal data as well as detailed analysis on port costs. ISS staff and customers having access to this data instantly see performance improvement opportunities cost trends and savings. 9 New Modules New modules being released currently and in the near future include the exciting Port Intelligence module. This is one that clients have long been waiting for. ISS offices will enter vessel line-up information port news incidents alerts etc. into YourISS2 through a structured front-end input screen and this wealth of information will then be made available for clients to view. This data will be complemented by an intuitive dashboard of filters and settings that make data relevant to the client. The new Online Disbursement Account module is also available and gives customers the ability to view and approve the DA with full vouchers online. ISS has been doing DAs this way for many years but the new module provides significantly enhanced user interface and functionalities. 9 Information Services Finally all this data from within YourISS2 is being analysed by the Information Services team. Comprehensive reports around trade analysis market sizing and demand forecasting asset utilisation and many more are being produced to positive customer reception. 9 Customer Comments The customer reaction to YourISS2 has been exceedingly positive. Some quotes The laytime calculator is brilliant and will save me about 70 of my time. The Whiteboard is a brilliant tool for accessing current and historical information emails and documents relating to the port call. This is very cool indeed. ISS has created a big lead on the technology side again The Port Intelligence module is a fantastic use of the ISS network to provide much needed information in a far more effective way than email. 2 3 5 26 ISS REPORTERCOOKSCORNER Anelevatororliftisaverticaltransport vehiclethatefficientlymovespeopleor goodsbetweenthefloorsofabuildingor structure.Elevatorsarethemostused transportationsystemintheworldwith billionsofpeopletransporteddaily. Peoplegetinandoutofelevatorsoften severaltimesadaywithouteventhinking thattheyareessentiallygettingintoa cranethatismovingthemupordown. The first reference to an elevator was in the writings of a Roman who reported that Archimedes built his first elevator in about 236 B.C. Even though the elevator itself is very old the wide use of elevators to transport people did not begin until after 1853. Pictured here is Elisha Graves Otis. He did not invent the elevator but in 1853 he did invent and patent a brake device that prevents the elevator car from falling down the shaft if the hoisting cable or in his day the hoisting rope failed. Before this braking device elevators were considered too dangerous to use for moving people. As a result city buildings rarely exceeded five stories. This height was about the maximum extent to which people were willing to climb up stairways to reach their homes carrying their groceries. Therefore older buildings in the major cities of the world were small when compared to todays standards. The second drawing depicts Elijah Otis demonstrating his elevator brake at the 1854 New York Worlds Fair. The elevator was lifted up with Otis and some cargo on it while another man intentionally cut the hoisting rope in full view of an audience. After the rope was cut the elevator stopped automatically while only moving downward a few inches or millimeters. After these demonstrations The Otis Elevator Company began receiving orders for new elevators and city landscapes began to change. In only a comparably few years iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building rose up. These structures were then followed by a never ending quest for cities to build the tallest structures in the world. Today every major global city has unique skyscrapers that are quickly identifiable as landmarks. Otis likely never envisioned the impact that his device would have on the world but certainly none of the iconic city landmarks that we see today would exist without Otis elevator technologies being employed. Presently the tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands 829.8 metres or 2722 feet high. This building has 154 usable floors and 57 elevators. Otis Elevator has now become the worlds most popular transportation company. It is estimated that the equivalent of the worlds population travel in Otis elevators every nine days. Inchcape Shipping Services too is always striving to change the landscape of the Marine Services business by employing new technologies and tools to ease the routine burdens of shipowners charterers and operators. These ISS systems are unique operational and financial data warehouses that can provide a level of near real time ship port call data transparency that has never been seen before in our industry. The ability to view and use this data to determine a vessels current status using just a click to generate statistical reports and do laytime calculations has been very well received by our customers. The view of ship activities is limited to each individual companys level of security access that is tightly monitored and controlled. In addition to our systems ISS offers a wide range of services to support the shipping machinery cargo logistics crew managing offshore and project cargo sectors. We also offer survey services berth information services crew travel services yacht agency arrival and manifest reporting and launch services. ISS now has a global network of 303 offices in 68 countries that employs 4200 dedicated local professionals that are all committed to service excellence. The employment of our unique proprietary systems that were developed in house as well as our diverse product range has facilitated our continued growth even in a weak shipping market. Although we do have great people and systems similar to the race to have the tallest building ISS will never be complacent and is always striving to get to the next level. Also like the elevator safety brake ISS conducts all of its activities in accordance with a global Health Safety policy that ensures our staff and everyone we come in contact with operate in a manner that guards against both defined and unexpected risks. Until next time.Think of solutions to problems that might change the landscape of your world remembering that every challenge can be an opportunity to move to the next level and beyond as Mr. Otis did. At the same time always stay and work safely DavidCook is GeneralManager GroupOperations basedinPortland Oregon USA Changing the Landscape TECHNOLOGYNEWSISS REPORTER Users can report incidents and make service requests directly via this tool rather than having to ring or email their Regional IT Helpdesk. Using the tool expedites the logging of issues enables process automation and reduces the time between reporting and resolution of incidents and requests. All staff are actively encouraged to use ATLAS as their initial method for contacting IT. The use of email for reporting and requesting is being phased over time and this will be communicated via Athena and through automatic responses from the Regional IT Helpdesk. You can access ATLAS for self-service via the link which can be saved as one of your favourites. You can also access ATLAS via the relevant desktop icon and Athena links. Login to ATLAS is performed using your ISS email address and network password. Users will still be able to report issues via phone to their Regional IT Helpdesk and in the fullness of time to the Centralised Service Desk. Important note for existing Salesforce users Existing Salesforce users will find it easier to access ATLAS by logging into Salesforce using their ISS email address and network password and accessing ATLAS directly from within Salesforce. This can be done by clicking on the Platform menu in the top right of the Salesforce application as shown here and selecting BMC Remedyforce. ATLAS branding only applies once in the application You can also press the button on the tab bar to add Remedyforce as a tab for ease of access. Following on from the Introducing IT Self-Service article ISS Reporter Issue 38 P18 Group ITs John Dorney has announced that ISS new IT self-service tool ATLAS is now live ATLAS goes live How to access ATLAS if you are an existing Salesforce user Group IT have been reviewing the existing IT support provision and processes at a global level. This identified a number of improvements which can be put in place to provide a more efficient and streamlined service as Carwyn Dearman reports. Over Q1 and 2 of 2016 the pilot will take the initial steps towards implementing a Centralised Service Desk based in the Chafford Hundred international headquarters. This provides a first point of contact for all IT-related needs. The initial phase implemented this process for all African offices. If successful this will be expanded to other regions and offices to eventually provide all users with a standardised service delivered through a single point of contact supported by the IT Self-Service solution Atlas which became available in January to all users. Centralised Service Desk pilot launched TheServiceDeskwillmanageyour requestsandfaultsandremotelysupport you.IftheServiceDeskcannotresolveyour requestorfaultremotelytheprocesseswill escalatethemattertotherelevantteam. This enables Group IT to consolidate the support needs of users freeing up operational and back office time and resolving the impact of issues in a more streamlined fashion. If you have any queries regarding this proposed change please dont hesitate to contact Carwyn Dearman who will be happy to address any concerns you may have. 28 ISS REPORTERLOCALEXPERTISETRINIDADLAUNCHFLEET A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in the pulmonary artery the blood vessel that carries blood from your heart to your lungs. The blockage usually a blood clot is potentially life- threatening because it can prevent blood from reaching your lungs. When the US Coast Guard responded to an emergency call off the coast of Trinidad recently the fifty-nine year old Master of a vessel on passage from the US to Durban had collapsed on board little knowing his life was in danger. Thanks to the prompt response of the USCG coordinating with the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard Air Wing he was transferred by air straight to Port of Spain General Hospital accompanied and assisted by a Deck Cadet. The vessel continued her voyage one reason why Chief Officers hold Masters tickets. When notified of the situation ISS Crew Logistics Service contacted Kishan Ramoutar Operations Manager ISS Trinidad Tobago who took over the management of the case. The Master meanwhile was transferred to the Gulf View Medical Another day another medivac Gulf View Medical Centre TT Air Guard Port of Spain General Hospital Kishan Ramoutar Operations Manager ISS Trinidad Tobago Center where further tests confirmed his condition and urgent treatment was carried out for the extensive thromboses found in his arteries. The cadet was repatriated to the Philippines and the Master remained in Port of Spain to recover prior to his own repatriation. Fleet grows to meet demand ISS has expanded its launch fleet with two more fast crew boats bringing its total fleet size to 18 vessels. The two new-build 42 metre vessels have been added in response to a growing demand in the oil and gas sector for faster crewsupply boats to increase operational efficiencies assisting in the safe and fast transfer of offshore personnel cargo and liquid payloads. Custom-built to ISS specifications by the Grand Weld shipyard in Dubai the FNSA 3 and FNSA 4 both have a 75 seat passenger capacity and can operate virtually anywhere in the world according to charter demand. Each boat has been fitted with the latest navigation equipment comprehensive satellite communication systems engine performance and weather monitoring systems. Other features include comprehensive D-fendering h2s monitoring systems key when working in the vicinity of oil and gas platforms aircraft-type seating and a fresh water generator. Flemming Jensen EVP - Middle East and India commented Delivered to ISS Dubai these additions to our fleet increase and further diversify our offshore portfolio to meet the increased demand of the oil and gas industry for faster and more efficient crewsupply vessels. The new launches are directly linked to ISS strategy to enhance our service offering to the oil and gas markets particularly in Middle East Africa regions. Both vessels have already been chartered for projects off Abu Dhabi. ISS has expanded its launch fleet with two more fast crew-boats pictured the FNSA 3 LOCALEXPERTISEPANAMACANALISS REPORTER The number of ships that can be accommodated in the daily Schedule depends on the mix types and dimensions of vessels available for transit vessel draughts those with deeper draughts require longer lockages Canal conditions availability of infrastructure and resources and the vessels restrictions in the Canal for example if the vessel is restricted to daylight transit or meets opposing traffic in the navigation channels. For these reasons the number of vessels in the Schedule varies from day to day. For non-booked vessels their arrival time determines their turn in transit in relation to other non-booked vessels. Booked vessels are arranged in a way that comply with the 18-hour in- transit-time requirement. Also included in the Schedule are those vessels that have been granted priority status based on existing treaties. Once it is determined which vessels qualify for transit on a particular day the Scheduler will arrange them in the best possible order so as to optimise the Canals capacity and the use of resources and taking into account the arrival readiness times and transit restrictions of each vessel. For these reasons the order in which vessels start their transit is not necessarily the order in which they finish their passage through the Canal. Certain vessels are restricted to daylight transit andor are restricted from meeting opposing traffic in some areas of the Canal. For this reason and to assure that booked vessels transit How the transit system works Cecilio Daley of ISS Panama highlights some key points in attending Panamax vessels in transit including how the classification system works. within the 18-hour requirement it is necessary to regularly schedule some vessels to anchor or tie-up in different areas of the Canal. The use of the tie-up stations mooring areas and anchorage facilities allows the locks infrastructure to be used more efficiently thereby optimising the Canals capacity. Pictured is a Panamax vessel defined as all vessels that comply with size and draught limitations of the actual locks namely 965 feet in length by 106 feet in beam by 39.50 feet Tropical Fresh Water draught which due to her dimensions was instructed to anchor at the Cristobal Outer Anchorage and scheduled to transit on the early AM convoy. For safety reasons we boarded the vessel while she was proceeding to the Canal passing Cristobal Breakwater as the Cristobal Outer Anchorage frequently suffers heavy swells and adverse weather conditions. 9 Note the Canal transit system described above applies to transits as of today. The new locks are due to open in JuneJuly of this year. New Schedule procedures the classification and alignment of convoys have not yet been published by the Canal Authority. Vessels transiting through the new locks will require the assistance of tugs only unlike the current lock system which requires the use of locomotives. Trials on the new locks are currently underway and the results will determine the new Schedule procedures to be published in due course. Panama Canal terminology and vessel classification In the article above we refer to Panamax vessels. However the Canal Authority use the following classifications Super-Size Vessels Beam 91ft and over Regular Size Vessels Beam under 91ft Neo Panamax after widening project completed Further details available from our Panama Canal Operations Team Details of the Canal expansion project httpmicanaldepanama.comexpansion 30 ISS REPORTERCORPORATESOCIALRESPONSIBILITY Kuwait bazaar supports KACCH Meanwhile ISS Kuwait decided to continue its fund raising efforts for charities which began with the Relay Voyage a couple of years ago. An in-house charity event was hosted by the ISS Social Committee with all staff coming forward to support the cause in various ways such as selling snacks food books CDs and holding an auction. The event ended with a fun game with prizes awarded to the winners. The impressive collection of KD 270 GBP 590 went to the Kuwait Association for Childrens Care in Hospital KACCH. Mrs Mary Dempsey-Booz Hospitals Coordinator from KACCH visited the ISS office and thanked management and staff for the contribution made. GM James Walsh also thanked the Social Committee and all staff who made the event such a success. Yamama pulls on the trainers again Yamama Abdul Hadi participated in the RunQ8 a charity sports event which aims to raise awareness and funds to support the Childrens Evaluation and Rehabilitation Centre. RunQ8 garners great support for the charity and this was the fifth 10km run to be held in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and leading local organisations. Yamama reported that the 10km race proved to be an exciting challenge was fun for everyone and of course showed support for a great cause. The ISS Lighthouse Relay Voyage baton has now arrived in San Juan Puerto Rico where ISS staff are busy raising funds for their charitable donation before handing it over to the next port of call. Brazil commits to Guanabara clean-up ISS Brazil has signed the Pacto Guanabara Blue believing that the maritime community can make a difference to the state of the famously polluted Guanabara Bay. This is an initiative of the Guanabara Bay Institute and SBM Offshore with the objective of bringing greater visibility to environmental actions taken by the users of the Guanabara Bay. The incentive promotes a collective and moral commitment which is focused on the environmental education of our collaborators and partners within our area of influence to promote initiatives which can contribute to reducing our environmental impact. The Pacto Guanabara Blue website states We are the users of Guanabara Bay. We sail we paddle we go fishing or we use the bay for socio economic reasons. We are all Houston sponsors Eisbeinessen Eisbeinessen is an international meeting platform for shipbrokers shipping agents ship owners bankers forwarding agents terminal operators and all who are directly or indirectly associated with shipping. For the third time the proceeds of the event went to their Carrier Scholarship with an impressive US4309.12 raised. CORPORATESOCIALRESPONSIBILITYISS REPORTER users of the Guanabara Bay and we can all contribute to improving the water quality. The Pacto Guanabara Blue is an initiative of the Guanabara Bay Institute and SBM Offshore with the objective of bringing greater visibility to environmental actions taken by the users of Guanabara Bay. Your Potential Our FutureeLearning Courses available on the Learning Management System ISS Induction Programme Fundamentals of Shipping Shipping Video Library CorporateCompliance and Ethics Awareness Training Hyperion Training Presentation Skills and PowerPoint Training Finance for Non-Finance Managers Your ISS POPDA Training Microsoft Ofce Suite which includes MS Excel Word Project Outlook PowerPoint in 2003 2007 2010 ShipNet Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers online material Stress Management Training Log on to our Learning Management System to access the training 32 ISS REPORTERSTAFFNEWS EVP North America Tim Cahill has been appointed Executive Vice President for North America. Tim was previously COO Cargo Solutions and brings with him a wealth of experience in the dry bulk sector as well as an excellent knowledge of the tanker business and the maritime industry as a whole. This is a positive move for the North America team said Chris Whiteside in announcing the appointment and we look forward to their future success. SVP Innovation Mark Simmons has been appointed to the position of Senior Vice President Innovation. Mark was previously VP Cargo Solutions and joins the Innovation team in a role that is both a promotion and recognition of Marks invaluable contributions to ISS. VP Operations Africa Thierry Jean-Marie Van Cayseele GM Saudi Arabia Charl Ackerman UK HR Manager Vicky Yates Brokerage Manager North America Theresa Bennington VP Operations South Central America Oscar Sotelo GM Chile Francisco Villagran GM Sales Management South America Gonzalo Vasquez SeniorGMSales ManagementSouthAmerica Luciano Oliveira is taking on a more extensive role reporting directly to Jaime Otero STAFFNEWSISS REPORTER CK Sridhara was awarded the distinction of being the most courteous surveyor in the UAE by the International Institute of Marine Surveyors. He received the award from Mike Schwarz CEO of the IIMS. CK Sridhara joined Grey Mackenzie in 1975 in the Lloyds Agency Department as a Cargo Marine Surveyor. He has now completed 40 years with the company. Wathna Oeurn MD of ISS Cambodia has received her Masters degree in Business Management from Charles Sturt University NSW Australia. The achievement follows two years of independent study by Wathna a dedicated full-time employee as well as a mother of a seven year-old daughter who also demands parental time after work. Wathna had to give up her sleeping time in exchange for her studies to meet her assignment deadlines. Over the weekends she worked on assignments in cafes restaurants and in the playground where she could enjoy time with her daughter. It was a tough call but nothing is impossible says Wathna. Thanks ISS for the sponsorship. Thanks family members and friends for the encouragement and support. A hard-earned reward for Wathna Capt. Peter Valles GM - Surveyors Loss Adjusters Division has received the International Maritime Clubs Golden Shield of Excellence in Cargo Claims Management 2016. The awards presented in Sharjah honour individuals and organisations providing outstanding service to the marine energy and oil gas insurance sectors who have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism contributed towards the development of the insurance sector and served as role models for current and future maritime insurance professionals. The awards are Golden Shield to Peter Valles based on individual merit and personal contribution to furthering developments within the maritime industry. Peters notification of the honour read On behalf of the IMC and its jury we are honoured to inform you that you are the recipient of the IMC Golden Shield Excellence Award Middle East 2016. We express our heartiest congratulations to you for winning this coveted award. Senior Accountant Harneet took the lead during a critical stage of the YourISS2 implementation when our Lead Super User had to be replaced without prior notice. Harneet who was implementing and monitoring the finance component of the new system took on the leadership and made himself familiar with all operational matters and the challenges of YOURISS2 playing a major role in the internal training process for the entire ISS Abu Dhabi marine and finance team. Abu Dhabi award for Harneet ISS Abu Dhabi is proud to recognise five of its team for their outstanding long service with ISS. Certificates were presented in appreciation of their loyal service hard work and dedication. 15 years Anthony Diago Cargo Services Manager Ravi Vishnoi Finance Manager. 10 years Neelima Dinil Key 65 years loyal service Accounts Executive Cargo Services Tyronne Shiraz Deen Senior Liner Operations Executive. 15 years Manoj Nayar Liner Manager Most courteous 34 ISS REPORTERNOTICEBOARD Younger members of the ISS Chile team got together over a weekend recently to hike to the summit of the 1800 metre La Campana above the Olmue and Ocoa valleys. In an insight into the realities of life as a boarding officer one member had to keep in touch with operations back at base. The hike took them ten hours and they returned safe fulfilled and exhausted. Team spirit ISSMalaysiahelditsannualFamilyDay ontheislandofPenangfromChristmas EveuntilBoxingDay.Besidescelebrating thefestiveseasonthegroupvisited UNESCOHeritagesitesaroundtheisland. UNESCO states Penangs George Town is an examples of an historic colonial town on the Straits of Malacca that demonstrates a succession of Multicultural Penang historical and cultural influences arising from its former function as a trading port linking East and West. It is one of the most complete surviving historic city centres on the Straits with a multicultural living heritage originating from the trade routes from Great Britain and Europe through the Middle East the Indian subcontinent and the Malay Archipelago to China. NOTICEBOARDISS REPORTER The ISS Kuwait team joined in the Christmas celebrations for the first time. Arrangements were made for a visit from Santa who brought surprise gift hampers. The staff dressed in red with most wearing Santa hats and the festive spirit was further lit up by carol singing from the staff. For the excellent organising of events during the last quarter of 2015 the Management decided to declare the Social Committee as winners for the 4th quarter Inchcape Innovators Award. Yamama received the award on behalf of the Social Committee. GM James Walsh wished the staff and their families a wonderful holiday season When Santa came to Kuwait and looked forward to working successfully with all the ISS Kuwait teams in the year ahead. ISS Venezuela celebrated the December festivities over a dinner and playing Secret Santa. The team is headed by new Port Manager Jorge H. Elkhtiar. ISS Guayaquil staff got together with their children for a Christmas photo. Almost Secret Santa A family affair ISS Bahrain won the runners-up trophy in the six-a-side cricket tournament organised by the Shipping Association of Bahrain. Allwyn Dsouza was there to report. Held at the Batelco grounds and starting at 0630 hours it was a long and gruelling day for the 23 teams that participated. Each team played two matches to qualify for the knock-out stage. ISS qualified for the pre-quarter final stage comfortably and assisted by a last- ball six we were on a roll for the next two matches going on to enter the finals. Hearty and vocal support from staff and families ensured that the ISS team kept their tail up to the end of the day - at 2200 hours. In a hard-fought final chasing a target of 82 runs ISS fell short to finish well-earned runners-up. The team Sarath Krishnan Captain Suresh Babu Cherian George Jogi George Guru Prasad Shray Khanduri Ashiq Np Nevil Malao Vice Captain Herman Venter Alyoung Gonzales Cruise expertise wherever you are in every Turkish port Merkez Deniz and Inchcape Shipping Services have come together to form Turkeys market-leading cruise sector specialist. Today the combined forces of these two long-established cruise agencies with ofces in the major cruise ports of Istanbul Izmir and Kusadasi offer customers full coverage across all cruise ports in Turkey as well as the wider eastern Mediterranean region where ISS already has well-established comprehensive coverage. Built on a solid blue-chip customer base our service to cruise clients reaches far beyond pure port agency to include expert advice and support on scheduling passenger and crew turnarounds and Turkeys regulatory environment. Holland America Line wrote I would like to thank you for your prompt and informative response to my inquiry without advance notice. It was reassuring to have your timely response. It validates the trust that we have placed in your hands to attend our ships when in your ports and region. Kindest regards Bill Sharp VP Port and Shore Operations Berth arrangements and reservations Clearance into and out of ports Pre-arrival arrangements Turkish Straits transits Crew matters E-Mail A World of Local Expertise TrabzonSamsun Sinop Bartin Istanbul Canakkale Cesme Izmir Kusadai Bodrum Marmaris Fethlye Antalya Alanya Mersin 438.02.15