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In the 1980s the port of Gibraltar reinvented itself as a major centre for ship repair and maritime support services.


ISS Gibraltar is an integral element of the port services sector delivering tailored assistance services to some of the world’s leading shipowners and operators.


Locations Latitude Longitude

Europa, Pa. 36°03'N05°21'W


Nautical Charts

BA2717 – British Admiralty Nautical Chart



The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild winters and warm dry summers. There is no rainy season, but most rain falls in the winter months.


Time Difference compared to GMT :

March – September         Plus 2 Hour

October – February         Plus 1 Hour


Three areas are set aside for off-limits operations:


  • Area 1 - Northwards of a line drawn east of Europa Point
  • Area 2 - Within two and a half nautical miles of 36û02'N, 5û15'W (about seven miles south-east of Europa Point)
  • Area 3 - Gibraltar Eastern Anchorage.
  • A full range of on port limits services can be provided at the anchorages.


Berthing Information

Gibraltar has a one metre tidal range and no locks.  Vessel can berth alongside the Cruise Terminal at any time of day or night within an hour of leaving the main shipping lanes of the Straits of Gibraltar.


Cruise ships and other vessels calling for bunkers or water can be accommodated on both sides of the Western Arm. The outer side is 490 metres long with a maximum draught of 9.6 metres. The inner side is 450 metres long with a maximum draught of 8.3 metres.


Deeper draught vessels can be berthed according to tide. Vessels calling for lay-up or repairs can berth at the Detached Mole, which is 605 metres long with a maximum draught of 9.1 metres. Two 100 metre berths are available for vessels discharging general cargo.


Cargo Handling

The Port of Gibraltar has facilities at the North Mole for loading and discharging of small amounts of seaborne cargo.



The main towage company in Gibraltar is T.P. Towage Ltd, which has four tugs including a 42 ton bollard pull unit.


Towage services are also provided by Maritime (Gibraltar) Ltd, which operates tugs and other support vessels



Pilotage is compulsory on arrival and for berthing, unberthing and shifting anchorage. Vessels at anchor may leave without pilot assistance. There are seven pilots supervised by the Pilotage Authority.

Pilots normally board vessels at a point one mile west of Europa Point. Pilots will also board those vessels making provisioning or crew transfer calls while slow steaming in the sheltered waters of the bay, allowing voyages to be resumed with a minimum of delay.



Gibraltar is the one of the largest bunkering ports in the Mediterranean.

o        Advantages

§         Competitive market because of high turnover

§         Minimum costs because of unique tax-free status within European Union

§         Low port dues

§         Located near main shipping lanes

§         Market continuously monitored by the government to ensure competitiveness.


Gibraltar's bunkering companies can supply all grades of marine fuel from 30 cSt to 380 cSt and there are constant quality checks by each company.


Bunkers are normally delivered by barge while the vessel is at anchor in Gibraltar Bay – but they can also be delivered at berth in the harbour.  Safety and environmental concerns are given top priority.


Situated at the southern tip of Europe, as a gateway to the Mediterranean, it is an ideal port of call for cruise ships whose itineraries include the transit of the Straits of Gibraltar.


Cruise ships can berth alongside the Cruise Terminal within an hour of leaving the main shipping lanes. A total quay length of 940 metres allows up to four medium sized or two large sized vessels to berth alongside simultaneously. Additional berths can be made available elsewhere in the port if required.


Located 1.4 km from the port with daily connections with Gatwick, Luton and Madrid.



Choice of three marinas and a service and support network.  The marinas provide yachts with a wide choice of location and facilities. There is a total of 450 berths with depths to 4.5 metres capable of taking super yachts up to 100 metres in length.


Seafarers Welfare

Gibraltar Seafarers' Centre
Mediterranean Mission to Seafarers Centre,
Flying Angel Club,
North Mole,

Tel: +350 41799 or +350 78377


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