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Inchcape Shipping Services n.v. Antwerp originally started as Gellatly Shipping n.v. as part of the Gellatly Hankey Group, who not only provided agency services as Lloyds agents and for several liner principals but also surveyor activities under the name of Caleb Brett.

Today Inchcape Shipping Services n.v. Antwerp is focused on full port agency and husbandry services to all types of vessels excluding the liner business, and the Caleb Brett division was sold to ITS.

Since February 2006 Inchcape Shipping Services n.v. has expanded its network to the port of Zeebrugge, the port having undergone enormous expansion and which is a major gateway into Belgium.



ISS understands only too well the attention to detail and the importance of smooth but discreet operations in this important sector.

With unequalled experience in the provision of port agency services, built up in partnership with major operators throughout the world, ISS is uniquely placed to meet customer expectations.

ISS have a well proven track record with core strengths being the teamwork and dedication of employees, local knowledge and expertise, its reputation and recognized brand name.


Scope of Services

ISS Belgium is committed to delivering a comprehensive range of quality-assured marine services to its clients across the industry. ISS take care to tailor these services to the individual needs of the client - whether a fully integrated global package, the handling of a local port call or the ad hoc delivery of a single spare part

Full Husbandry Services

  • Co-ordination of Port services (including  bunkering, etc)
  • Crew immigration formalities (Visas), transfers and accommodation
  • Co-ordination of supply deliveries through third parties
  • Garbage, slops, sewage disposal arrangements
  • Cash To Master deliveries
  • Medical Assistance
    • Crew Medical Assistance
    • Hospitalisation
    • Repatriation
    • Updated and regular medical reports

In & Outward Clearance

  • Immigration, Customs, Port police clearance for Arrival and Departure
  • Berthing allocation
  • Pilot notification
  • Towage notification

Full Disbursement Accounting

  • Receiving original invoices from vendors for services rendered to ships during their port call.
  • Checking each individual invoice received for accuracy.
  • Where appropriate and applicable, ensuring the invoice is substantiated by a signed receipt from the Master of the vessel or his representative.
  • Ensuring that all appropriate original invoices have been received.
  • Meeting the agreed deadline for finalizing and forwarding the finalized disbursement account (D/A).


Inchcape Shipping Services