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Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, with the country's largest seaport, handing approximately 80% of Egypt's imports and exports.


Inchcape Shipping Services Alexandria was established in 1997, specialising in providing a comprehensive range of maritime services. ISS Alexandria is the appointed agent of three shipping lines; MOL, SERMAR LINE and ETHIOPIAN LINE and serves both Alexandria Old Port and Dekhila Port.  


Alexandria Port is the main port in Egypt, with its origins dating back to 1900 B.C. when the pharaohs established a port west of the Pharoon and Pharous islands. This port was entitled Rakouda. Alexandria is located at 31°11'N - 029°52'E, with the port area extending to around 32 km (20 miles) along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in a northerly direction. The area of the port is approximately 2300 meters long and 300 meters wide, and has docks with different depths and several entrances.


Approach Area


The harbour is protected by marine rocks and 2 break waters while the width of the entrance is about 400 meters and there are two fairways in between as follows: 



Length (meters)

Width (meters)

Depth (meters)

Big Strait




Small Strait








The port is divided into two sections separated by coke quays and a breakwater. The first section is entitled the “port” or the “inner dock” and is devoted to general cargo trade while the second is known as the “dock” or the “outer port” where petroleum and bulk cargoes are handled.


Dekheila Port forms a natural extension to Alexandria Port due to the increase in container movements in Alexandria Port and the continuing growth in industrial development and free zones in the Alexandria West Delta.


The site of the Dekheila port was chosen for the following reasons:


  • Its gulf shape and sea depth will decrease purification costs
  • The area is semi-sandy thus saving money in buildings and rubble 
  • The extended area is large enough to accommodate future projects
  • This site is well-connected in terms of the national roads network
  • The site is near El Dekheila Iron and Steel complex, the free zone and the electricity generating project in West Alexandria.

Approach Area

The navigation channels are 1.5 miles long, 25 meters wide and 24 meters deep.. The rotation circle for vessels in front of the berths and for manoeuvres has a diameter of 750 meters and a depth of 20 meters.

Port Length

: nearly 2250 meters long

Custom Area

: nearly 32.5 sq. Km water surface


: up to 12 meters

Handling Capacity

: 8.9 million ton yearly





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