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Bunbury is situated182 kilometres south of Perth and is the third largest city in Western Australia. With a population of approximately 55,000 people, Bunbury is the regional centre for industry, commerce and tourism.


The Port of Bunbury is managed by the Bunbury Port Authority. The Port plays a major role in the worldwide distribution of products from the South West region. Rail and road infrastructure facilitates cargo throughput and connects the Port to important mining, manufacturing, agricultural and pastoral industries. The Port manages approximately 12 million tons of trade annually. Presently, the available berths are:


Outer Harbour

Berth 1: Mineral Sands, Panamax Class, Gantry Loader, 800 tonnes per hour

Berth 2: Dangerous Goods, Tanker, General Cargo, Six Storage Tanks


Inner Harbour

Berth 3: Woodchips, Fixed Mechanical Loader, 1000 tonnes per hour

Berth 4: ALOCA World Alumina Operated, Four Dolphins, Panamax Class

Berth 5: General Purpose, Mineral Sands, Bulk Commodities, Cargo

Berth 6: Worlsey Alumina, Four Independent Dolphins, 2500 tonnes per hour

Berth 8: Mineral Sands, General Bulk, Panamax Class, Ro-Ro Vessels


The experienced team at ISS Bunbury have thorough knowledge of the local region and provide comprehensive  shipping agency services to their Principals.
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