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The Port of Corpus Christi is one of the largest ports in South Texas with many conveniences that are attractive to shippers and receivers alike.  The climate of this port is generally mild allowing for year round operations with a skilled and productive labor force. 


The port offers a strategic location with dockside rail provided by 3 rail carriers and excellent highway access serviced by numerous trucking lines.  There is little to no congestion from both a docking and on carriage perspective. 


The Port of Corpus Christi is a multi purpose area with facilities that handle General Cargo, Dry and Liquid Bulk, Roll on Roll off, Heavy Lift operation as well as Cold Storage.  These facilities are complemented by more than 125 acres of open storage and fabrication area along with 295,500 square feet of covered dockside storage.  The Port of Corpus Christi boasts a Foreign Trade Zone with oil refinery subzones. 


The Port of Corpus Christi ship channel has a deep draft of 45 ft and is connected to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway with a draft of 12 feet which provides access to US Inland Waterway System. The port’s uncongested ship channel also provides quick access to the Gulf of Mexico with a maximum vessel transit time of only 4 hrs from pilot boarding to the furthest Terminal located within the Port.


Port of Corpus Christi is home to many crude and chemical refining companies such as Flint Hills Resources, Valero, Citgo, Nuestar, and Oxychem. The port has terminals for dry bulk cargoes such as coal, petroleum coke, ore, minerals and several other commodities that can be discharged and loaded directly from vessels to railcars or trucks. These facilities can also be used to load vessels when special handling is required.  


The Port of Corpus Christi is also active with vessels that can load and discharge military equipment in order to aid troops overseas and has bagging facilities that support foreign aid cargoes. On the general cargo operations side the Port of Corpus Christi is actively engaged in receiving a large amount of wind towers along with many other interesting commodities. 

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