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ISS Dunedin's office is based in Dunedin, 13.6kms from the port company office of Port Otago, Port Chalmers.

Otago is the second largest region in New Zealand in terms of land area. It has a population of approx. 200,000 with 60% of the region's population living in the east coast city of Dunedin, the regional centre of Otago, located on the lower east coast of the South Island of New Zealand.  

Port Otago is the primary export port for the South Island region of New Zealand and operates two wharf systems; Port Chalmers and Dunedin, which are both located within Otago Harbour.


  • Marine services

  • Pilotage

  • Towage

  • Communicating with vessels

  • Water and garbage. 

Berth Facilities: 

Port Chalmers 

  • There are 4 berths suitable for handling containerised, multipurpose, conventional or RoRo vessels. Berthing flexibility is guaranteed by a swinging basin dredged to 128 metres, with a turning diameter of 700 metres.

  • Berth Length Draught

  • Container Terminal (No 1) 300m 12.5m

  • Multi-purpose (No.2) 296m 12.5m

  • Beach Street Inner 412m combined 11.6m

  • Beach Street Outer 412m combined 11.6m. 


  • Berth Length Draught

  • Oil Jetty 220m 7.9m

  • LPG Berth 62m 5.8m

  • Leith Wharf 190 x 30m 153m 7.8m

  • Leith Wharf 190 x 35m 153m 7.2m

  • Victoria Wharf (T & U) 177m 8.0m

  • Victoria Wharf (X & Y) 244m 8.0m

  • Rattray 397m 4.1m

  • Birch Street 310m 6.4m

  • Ravensbourne Pier 149m 7.9m.

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