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Dutch Harbor is located on Amaknak Island in the Aleutian Chain, approximately 800 air miles from anchorage (a two- to three-hour flight) and 1,700 miles northwest of Seattle. It also lies within the boundaries of Unalaska city, which is directly connected to Amaknak Island by bridge and overlooks Iliuliuk Bay.

The Port of Dutch Harbor is the only deep draft, ice-free port from Unimak Pass west to Adak and north to the headwaters of the Bering Straits. It has been designated a ‘Port of Refuge’ for its year-round protection for disabled or distressed vessels and also provides ground/warehouse storage and trans- shipment opportunities for the thousands of vessels that fish or transit the waters surrounding the Aleutian Islands.

Every year, approximately one million tons of frozen seafood is shipped from Dutch Harbor to domestic and export markets in North America, Europe and Asia and has maintained its reputation as the number one fishing port in the country, in terms of the quantity of seafood caught, since 1981.

Almost all of the community's port facilities are located on Amaknak Island (Dutch Harbor), within the city limits of Unalaska, whose economy has unsurprisingly been based on; commercial fishing, seafood processing, fleet services and marine transportation for the past 30 years.

Unalaska is connected by 27 miles of roads which links the port, harbors and private docks with the local businesses and thriving residential community, with the fisheries in the Bering Sea, creating a regional economic powerhouse. The community also importantly continues to advocate for sustainable and responsible fisheries management.

Our local knowledge, professionalism and dedication are reflected in our achievements of cost reduction, efficiency improvements and capability to keep Principals informed of any changes to regulations and conditions affecting their operations, as we continuously monitor all factors impacting the length of port stay.

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