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Back in October 2007 we were approached by foreign interests to be part of their project, which consisted of placing 2 FSRUs in Brazil (Floating, Storage, Regasification Unit), one in Rio de Janeiro and another one in Pecem. The first unit was admitted in Brazil in July 08. At that time we were serviced by a sub-agent. Parallel to that, we detected an increasing number of OPAs appointments in that port. In March 09 we received indications of a possible change on an already existing service (liner) replacing Belem by Pecem. The first PECEM d/accts that popped up in Rio were scrutinized in details and we realized that we could have our own flag flying in that port and develop more business.


Cruise activities and Navy Ships, as well as dry and liquid bulk operations at NE of Brazil, mainly at Fortaleza and Pecem ports, are that active for us. Potential for developing project and Steel products cargoes (wind mills and Steel plates and Coils being discharged constantly) A lot off Brake Bulk ships are expected to call Pecem Terminal for Iron Ore Shipments as from beginning of 2010 .


Shippers intend to beginning of the first export cargo that has already cultivated in the state, this year. The mining company, located in the district of São José do Torto, in Sobral,CE is going to export to China, in 2010 about 250.000 MTons of Iron  Ore , expanding the volume to 300.000MTons up to the end of  2010.


The expectation is that the deposits of the new mining company can produce for a period of 10 years.


The Ceará state has the capacity to produce 12 million tons / year of Iron Ore.



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