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Gela is situated within the province of Caltanissetta in southern Sicily, Italy. Its principal economies are based on cotton growing, fishing and most importantly, the local petrochemical industry, with the majority of Gela’s harbour installations intended to serve the refinery’s commercial operations.

Gela is divided into two port zones; Porto Isola (37°03'N 014°1'E) handling mainly tankers and general cargo and Porto Rifugio (37°04'N 014°1'E), which is mainly used by leisure craft. 

Porto Isola has a jetty which extends 2.8km seawards to the South West, with two berths east and west, at its head. Each berth is 180m in length with a maximum draught of 9.2m. The jetty is protected by a breakwater which is 1.2km in length and is equipped to handle tankers at six berths. Facilities include diesel oil at Berths No 1, 2 and 4 and fresh water at all berths. 

General Cargo / Bulk Berths

The pier has 2 berths of 180-190m each at its head, minimum depth 9.1m and a small wharf pier 1,300m from the shore, draught 6.0m, 2 berths of length 140m each on the west side of the main pier.

Tanker Berths

  • Sea Buoys: underwater line of 34in, located 1.2nm south of breakwater for discharging crude oil and fuel oil.

  • Breakwater: six berths for loading and discharging LPG and oil products.

ISS-Tositti Gela was established in April 2013, providing full agency services within the port. The agency specialises in offering tailored assistance services to some of the world’s leading shipowners and operators for a variety of vessels, in particular tankers and crude oil and products carriers.

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