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ISS has provided quality agency services for the Port of Georgetown, SC for over 30 years.  The Port of Georgetown is South Carolina State Ports Authority’s dedicated breakbulk and bulk cargo facility which includes the Port of Georgetown’s own Intermodal Breakbulk Service (IBS). 


The port’s innovative IBS lets shippers and consignees combine the transportation costs and functions (stevedoring, storage, port handling, truck and/or rail, etc.) as a single operation under one invoice.  ISS simplifies that even further by collecting the sum of all charges and providing it under a single disbursement account that is submitted to our principals in a timely manner. 


The Port of Georgetown, with its expanded berth, ample open and covered storage, specialty cargo handling facilities, and a team of workers experienced in the field will be able to handle your cargo efficiently, safely, and at a competitive price.  Top commodities for the Port of Georgetown include steel, cement, aggregates, ore, and forest products.


  • 4 Berths totaling 1,800 ft.
  • 139,800 square-feet of covered storage
  • 2 transit warehouses totaling 103,000 square-feet
  • 3 enclosed sheds totaling 36,800 square-feet
  • 27.9 acres of open storage
  • Covered and open storage rail access is provided
  • Up to 200-Ton mobile crane available
  • Specialty handling facilities on terminal for metals, cement, chemicals, aggregates, forest products, and ore.
  • Fleet of cargo handling equipment
  • Direct on-terminal CSX rail equipment


  • Global Position: 33N 21’ / 79W 17’
  • Channel depth 24 ft. MLW   ?
  • 24 ft. MLW at dockside
  • 13.5 miles from the ocean
  • Harbor pilots are required
  • Tug services for the Port of Georgetown are provided by McAllister Towing



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