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The Port of Geraldton is situated on the west coast of Western Australia and is one of Australia’s busiest regional ports and the gateway to Western Australia’s diverse Mid West area.  Geraldton is 420 km (260 miles) north of Perth (being the capital of Western Australia).  Historically the port has been on of Australia’s larger grain export ports and today more than half of the port’s exports are generated from iron ore and minerals.


The port is well placed to handle the increased exporter requirements brought about by the resources boom in the area. Exports account for 96% of the total trade.


Geraldton is also proclaimed as the lobster capital of Australia and Rock Lobster is harvested and exported to all parts of Australia and the rest of the world.


Geraldton is one of Western Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.  This is connected to its high annual average of warm sunny days (it is know as Sun City) and its idyllic white sandy beaches which are typical of those found in Western Australia, coupled with a beautiful coastal location. 


There is an accessible coral reef which can be explored on day excursions some of which offer snorkelling and scuba diving.  The reef also was the undoing of many sailing ships and there are exhibits of some of the more notable shipwrecks at the town museum.


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