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The Port of Miami is among America’s busiest ports and recognized throughout the world with the dual distinction of being a major cruise operations port and the Cargo Gateway of the Americas.


Cruise Operations in Miami have multiple ships leaving almost daily for voyages to Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean and the Bahamas. The ships offer 3-day, 4-day, 1 week and even longer voyages to these popular destinations and with cruise ships from Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity and other major cruise lines sailing from Miami this makes Port of Miami a major port in the cruise industry.


Port of Miami is also the main exporter and importer of goods to and from South America, Central America, The Caribbean and the Bahamas. Lines including Maersk, Seaboard, Hyundai, NYK, MOl and many others make Port of Miami The Gateway of the Americas.


While Cruise and Container vessels make up the vast majority of the ships that call Port of Miami the port also handles Ro/Ro, Bulk, Military and other types of ships.


The Port of Miami does not handle any Petroleum vessels. All Petroleum type vessels call the Fisher Island Terminal (TransMontaigne Terminal) located on the south side of the channel just prior to reaching the east end of the Port of Miami.


The Port of Miami is a unionized port with a number of longshoremen on the island each day conducting loading and discharge operations of all types of vessels.


The Port of Miami contributes over $17 billion annually to the South Florida economy and helps provide direct and indirect employment for over 176,000 jobs. One of the primary goals of the Port of Miami is to promote growth in both our cruise and cargo industries in  the Miami-Dade County area and to make sure that every port user can conduct business safely, effectively and efficiently.


The strategic location of the ISS Miami office necessitates a great number of husbandry requirements at berth as well as anchorage or outer pilotage locations in International Waters.  ISS Miami handles numerous types of husbandry items such as crew changes (both in and out of US Waters), delivery of documents, stores, provisions, lube oils, as well as arranging underwater surveys within local port anchorages.


In addition ISS Miami has experience in handling various types of vessels including Cruise, Tanker (Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Low/High Sulfur Diesel, Ethanol, Bio-Diesel, and Caustic Soda), Ro/Ro, Container and Breakbulk (Steel, Lumber and Paper).


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