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Inchcape Shipping Services has been active in Kenya for 50 years and is today the leading provider of agency services in the region.


The Port of Mombasa is the largest and busiest international seaport on the East African Coast, with its hinterland including; Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Southern Sudan, Northern Tanzania, Somalia and Ethiopia. Mombasa port is therefore situated within a strategic location, making it a major port of call for most international shipping lines.


Mombasa Port is also one of the world’s favourite ports of call for cruise vessels on international itineraries. This is due to its rich tourism hinterland, coastal beaches and proximity to an international airport. Inchcape Shipping Services Mombasa is the leading cruise ship agent in Kenya and was responsible for negotiating tariff reductions with the Kenya Ports Authority in early 2008 to offset the new tariff increases introduced by the port, including a special waiver of all light dues for cruise ships only.


ISS Mombasa is the leading agent to discuss and set up innovative security measures for warships and cruise vessels whilst alongside in Mombasa, due to its specialist equipment and agreements with the Port Authority. This includes pre-berthing inspection by divers as well as 24 hour seaside (armed) boat patrols on the seaside to offer additional protection for vessels.


We are also the largest P&I corresponding agent in Kenya and the official agent for 6 of the major group clubs. The company has two full time surveyors able to offer a full range of cargo, container, on-hire, off-hire surveys as well as draft and bunker surveys.


ISS Mombasa has a new service, the Inchcape 15 crew launch boat, which is a very unique service point in Mombasa, offering services that previously did not exist. The vessel is presently performing the following services out of Mombasa, which are normally 10-20 mile trips outside the main port. However, we can go further if the client requires:


  • Crew changes 
  • Delivery of stores/marine surveyors
  • Handling of stowaways
  • Medivac emergencies
  • Cargo sample tests
  • Delivery of armed guards/weapons
  • US Navy guard ship. 

ISS staff understand the local market, rules and regulations throughout Kenya and enjoy excellent relations with the authorities in the ports and other government departments. Through our good rapport, we can ensure trouble-free operations for vessels in a part of the world where complicated rules and lengthy procedures often prevail.


Scope of Services:


  • Handling agency services for all types of vessels, such as tankers, bulk carriers, container carriers, passenger vessels, reefer vessels, RO/RO, cruise ships, navy vessels etc.
  • Arranging all related berthing formalities for the port calls
  • Arranging all the related cargo documentation along with the local customs procedures
  • Negotiating with local terminals, for obtaining information well in advance
  • Ensuring quick and efficient turnaround of vessels
  • Handling all types of cargoes such as petroleum products, containerized and bulk cargoes, vehicles etc.
  • Crew logistics and Cash to Master arrangements
  • Co-ordination of bunkers and provisions
  • Co-ordination of dry dockings, repairs
  • Coordinating any other service related to the vessel and the crew.
Inchcape Shipping Services