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Inchcape Shipping Services Point Comfort offers local expertise, providing marine shipping services to the mid Texas Coast.  It is located approximately 35 miles southeast of Victoria, Texas, in the heart of Matagorda Bay. ISS is the only locally operated agency in the region.


The local area has been an active seaport for more than 300 years. La Salle sailed three ships through Pass Cavallo into the bay in 1685, marking the first Port. An established seaport at Indianola on the southwest shore of Matagorda Bay began operations in 1840. The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway reached Matagorda Bay in 1942, connecting Calhoun County to channels in the nation’s inland waterway system. Alcoa brought industry jobs to the area in 1948. Port facilities were built in the early 1960s and the work was completed by 1965. The Matagorda Ship Channel was dredged to an operating depth of 36 feet.


Calhoun Port Authority now boasts an impressive range of facilities including:


Liquid Cargo Terminal: The primary facility is a 1,100 foot pier with two ship berths. The pier deck height is 20 feet MLT. The third dock is located at the end of the multi-use cargo dock. 


Liquid Cargo Barge Terminal: The terminal includes six slips available to multiple users. Barge berths have a 14 foot operating depth and a dock height of 12 feet MLT. 


Multi-Purpose Dock: The length of this dock is 711 feet and the bulkhead is fendered.  A 60 foot by 380 foot concrete apron is surrounded by three acres of open storage.


Rail Service: Point Comfort And Northern Railway service The Port of Port Lavaca-Point Comfort and adjacent industrial facilities:  This is a short line railroad which connects The Union Pacific main line at a point 20 miles north of the Port’s main harbour.


General Cargo Facilities: Facilities for break bulk, containerized and heavy-lift cargos occupy this dock. The terminal includes 25,000 square feet of dockside warehouse and a rail service. Cargo handling equipment is available.


Alcoa has 2 Bauxite Docks and 1 bulk loading facility utilizing the Matagorda Ship Channel. Formosa Plastics and INEOS both use the state-of-the-art chemical handling facilities to maximize access to feedstocks and world markets.


ISS Point Comfort offers a committed level of quality marine services to meet our Principals’ high expectations.  Our team offers integrity and honesty together with compliance in the marine law and standards of conduct.

Inchcape Shipping Services