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Portland is a regional city in the state of Victoria located on Portland Bay, 360 km west of Melbourne, and 75 km east, by road, of the South Australian border. The city is home to around 12,000 people. An ideal tourist location, the city features many historic buildings, while Portland Bay is ideal for water-based recreation. Other contributors to the local economy include an aluminium smelter, the fertiliser industry, woolstores, and the fishing industry.


The Port of Portland is the only deep-water bulk port located between Adelaide and Melbourne and thus provides a strategic location for servicing the region’s agricultural, forestry and mining industries, as well as locally produced aluminium and fertiliser producers. Approximately four million tonnes of cargo is transferred through the port annually.


There are four common user berths catering to most types of bulk and general cargo vessels, and a fifth special purpose berth used by Portland Aluminium:


K.S Anderson No.1 Berth: Length 255 metres. Handles bulk grains and woodchips.


K.S Anderson No.2 Berth: Length 143 metres and is a continuation of No.1 Berth.  Handles bulk grains, liquid pitch and sulphuric acid.


No.5 Berth: Length 240 metres. Handles breakbulk.


No.6 Berth: Length 229 metres.  Handles breakbulk, woodchips, fertiliser and others.


Smelter Berth: Length 203 metres. Used by Portland Aluminium.


The team at ISS Portland provides local, experienced and complete shipping agency for their Principals. They are committed to excellence and providing optimum service.


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