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The Port of Portland is a port district responsible for overseeing general aviation and marine activities including; four marine terminals, six business parks, three airports, Portland International airport, Troutdale airport and Hillsboro airport.


Portland's marine terminals export the largest amount of wheat from the United States and the third largest amount in the world. It is also the second largest in the nation in terms of grain exports, the fifth largest port for tonnage, the third largest auto import gateway in the country and the largest mineral bulk port on the U.S. west coast.


The port’s major exports are; wheat, soda ash, potash and hay and its major imports are; automobiles, steel and limestone. The Columbia River also handles various commodities including; vehicles, petroleum coke, logs, breakbulk cargos and the importation of windmill towers. Various agriculture products are also shipped via container.


The Port of Coos Bay is currently developing an LNG terminal at Jordan Cove and a new breakbulk berth for various commodities. Both facilities are expected to be completed later this year.


The Port's terminal facilities are located along the Willamette River (T-2, T-4 and T-5) and the Columbia River (T-6) and are served by rail (Union Pacific and BNSF railroads), connecting interstates and river barges.


Terminal Information


Terminal T-2                 Terminal T-4              Terminal T-5                       Terminal T-6

49 acres (198,000 m²)   280 acres (1.1 km²)     200 acres (809,000 m²)       488 acres (2.0 km²)

Roll on/off cargo            Grain shipping             Grain shipping                     Cargo containers

Break Bulk                     Liquid shipping            Minerals shipping                 Auto shipping

Bulk                               Mineral shipping          Warehouse/manufacturing   Rail yard 


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