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Puerto Montt is a natural coastal harbour in southern Chile, located approximately 1,055 km from the south of the capital, Santiago.  

Southern Chile is experiencing continuous economic growth, with the development of Chilean aquaculture farms, the ongoing exploration of natural resources in the area and rising demand from the cruise market.

Inchcape Shipping Services Puerto Montt was established in early February 2012, serving the ports of; Calbuco, Quellón, Corral, Puerto Montt, and the Chiloe Island’s ports of Ancud, Castro and Quellon.

Its strategic location is close to the entrance of the Patagonian Channels, the primary route for cruise companies in the region, due to its dramatic scenery of glaciers and ice fields. It is also the safest commercial route for vessels navigating the Pacific Ocean, particularly when bad weather arises at open sea, as it provides calmer and more sheltered waters for seafarers.

ISS Puerto Montt is currently developing its range of port and cargo services within its operational area and has already handled a range of vessel calls, including the luxury yacht (MY Titan), foreign fishing vessels on the large and magical island of Chiloe and a chip wood carrier, in the peaceful and rainy port of Corral in the Los Ríos region.

Port information:

· Restricted harbour entrance due to tide and overhead limits

· Estimated time of arrival (ETA) message required

· Pilotage (compulsory)

· Provisions

· Potable water

· Fuel and diesel oil

· Medium drydock.


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