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Rockhampton is in Queensland and lies just north of the Tropic of Capricorn on the banks of the Fitzroy River. The city is 633 kilometres north of Brisbane and is home to approximately 75,000 people.


The region’s economy is primarily driven by agriculture, mining and tourism. Because of the city’s large cattle industry, Rockhampton is known as the ‘Beef Capital of Australia’. In a normal season, the region’s cattle population reaches close to three and a half million. Two major meat works operate in Rockhampton and export to world markets.


Mining is concentrated at the nearby Bowen and Surat Basin coalfields. The open-cut and underground operations have estimated deposits in excess of 10,000 million tonnes. Magnesite, limestone and salt are also mined and processed in large quantities near Rockhampton. Future mining possibilities include the establishment of nickel mines, and the expansion of the magnesite deposits - which are the largest and purest in the world.


Imports and exports for these industries are serviced by the Port of Gladstone, approximately 130 kilometres south, and Port Alma, Rockhampton’s regional port. Port Alma is a natural deep sea port located on the southern tip of the Fitzroy River Delta, close to the mouth of Raglan Creek, and is approximately 62 kilometres from the City of Rockhampton. The port can accommodate vessels up to 180 metres in length. Imports include ammonium nitrate, explosives, and general cargo, with exports of frozen beef, tallow, explosives and general cargo.


Port Alma has three berths: one general berth with a 25 tonne fixed leg crane, one berth for general cargo and one dolphin berth which services bulk cargo including tallow. The port also contains two container yards, dry storage, a three tonne forklift and fire fighting equipment. Storage lands totaling 140 hectares are available away from the port at Bajool, approximately 20 kilometres by road.


The team at ISS Rockhampton has thorough knowledge of Port Alma and the region, and is committed to providing complete and professional service for their Principals.



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