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ISS-Tositti Savona srl was established in August 2006 and is able to provide full and comprehensive agency services for the sister ports of Savona and Vado Ligure.




The port of Savona/Vado Ligure is situated in the Italian region of Liguria on the Mediterranean Sea (LAT 44° 18' 42" N - LONG 8° 29' 35" E).


The Port of Savona is the most western call among Ligurian major ports and a landmark for north-western Italy and Southern Europe. It consists of two basins: the historical one which is situated in front of the urban area and the more recently developed basin of Vado located 5 km west of Savona. The port enjoys integration with logistic areas behind the port and along the Bormida valley.




Blending experience and modern technology the port of Savona offers high-quality specialised services.


Savona Terminal Auto manages one of the primary import-export new car terminals in Italy while Must and Savona Terminals continue the extensive tradition in the steel and forest product sectors.


In the agribulk sector two specialised terminals use Savona as their base: the modern Monfer plant which has recently doubled in size and Colacem which extends its activity to cement traffic.


Società Funiviaria Alto Tirreno manages the long-standing Miramare bulk terminal linked to the hinterland storage yards via an 18-km cableway. The plant will soon be moving to the new Alti Fondali terminal where it will be able to host vessels of any capacity.


BuT, part of the Pacorini Group, specialises in bulk, soft commodities and metals handling, while the Buzzi Unicem plant is dedicated to cement.


Every year more than 500,000 tourists embark at the brand new maritime station of the Savona cruise terminal, launched in 2003. The three dedicated berths are directly managed by Costa Crociere whose home port is Savona.


Savona is also an important pleasure craft production and service centre thanks to the presence of premier international companies like Mondomarine, Azimut and W Service.


In total the basin of Savona has 30 berths on quays for an extension of 7,000 metres with drafts up to 20 metres, port areas for 900,000 sqm and warehouses for any kind of cargo.




The calm harbour, the favourable position far from the city centre, the excellent road and rail connections and the wide logistics areas right behind the quays are among the benefits offered by the port of Vado.


The port is the main Mediterranean fruit trade hub: Reefer Terminal handled more than 500,000t in 2004, distributing goods all over Europe by train and truck. The terminal also manages container and Ro-Ro traffic (including trucks, trailers and new cars) reaching a total throughput of 1.3 million tons.


The Forship Ro-Ro terminal, equipped with four berths, provides ferry services to Corsica (350,000 passengers in 2004) while intra-Mediterranean short-sea shipping services will soon be established.


Terminal Rinfuse Italia operates one of its most important bulk handling plant in Vado, managing coal and cereal imports and coke exports. The Erg, Esso and Petrolig piers and the Sarpom buoy field handle oil products which are conveyed to industral refineries in the hinterland.


Right next to the port the Pacorini Group manages the V.I.O. intermodal centre which is dedicated to soft commodities: coffee, dried fruit and hi-tech products in particular. V.I.O. is one of the most important coffee processing plants in Italy and distributes goods all over Northern Italy and Southern Europe.


As far as the passenger sector is concerned a third berth - 325 metres long - for cruise vessels and the enlargement of welcoming structures are both under construction.




In general, the weather in the bay is seasonal. From May to October it is very good. The worst period is from October to December when winds and seas from south to south-west can cause the maximum number of port closures. From December to May the highest winds are experienced approaching the berth from the north-west to north-east, but the sea is usually calm. Wind velocity can change suddenly (high gusts) and the relative wind direction can vary considerably in different parts of the bay at any one time, due to the irregularities of the coastal topography.




Anchorage is indicated by Pilots upon arrival there are two main  anchorages zone :


Zone Alfa:  dedicated to Bulk carries

a)     Lat.44°18',300 N - Long. 008°29',900 E

b)     Lat.44°18',230 N - Long. 008°31',000 E

c)      Lat.44°17',330 N - Long. 008°29',730 E

d)     Lat.44°17',770 N - Long. 008°29',15 0E


Zone Bravo: dedicated to all Tankers

a)     Lat.44°17',770 N - Long. 008°29',150 E

b)     Lat.44°17',330 N - Long. 008°29',730 E

c)      Lat.44°16',580 N - Long. 008°28',580 E

d)     Lat.44°17',030 N - Long. 008°28',050 E




Pilotage is compulsory. VHF contact should be established with the "Savona Pilot station" and "Savona Ship Information" on Channel 13 when within range. The Pilot boarding position is approximately 2 miles south of Savona Harbour.


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