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The Port of Szczecin is one of three principal seaports in Poland, situated at the estuary of the Odra River in the Szczecin Lagoon, 65 km away from the open sea (Lat. 53° 25' N, Long. 14°32' E). 

The Swinoujscie-Szczecin fairway consists of several dredged channel sections (Kanal Mielenski, Kanal Piastowski, Zalew Szczecinski and Roztoka Odrzanska) and the Odra River, which is 9.15 metres deep along the centreline, 100 m wide and has a mass density of 1,000 t/m3.

There are no tides at the port, but the wind can cause sudden variations in the water levels at Zalew Szczecinski, with winds from the North-West / North-East occassionally seeing the water levels rise by 1.0 metre and the winds from the South-West / South-East, causing them to fall around 0.6 m, compared to the mean level.

Szczecin port boasts 19.5 km of quays, including 8 km of cranage facilities and can accommodate vessels up to 215 m in length. The port and approaching channels are ice-free during most of the winter, with only prolonged and severe frosts resulting in ice formation. Gale force winds may shift drifting ice flows and render navigation in the Szczecin lagoon difficult. However in such cases, the approach channel and port basins are kept unobstructed by icebreakers.

Inchcape Shipping Services Poland established its presence in Poland in 1993. Today, it provides an extensive range of marine management services to all sectors of the shipping industry.

ISS Poland provides port agency services across all Polish ports for owners and charterers for a variety of vessels including; dry bulk, break bulk, tankers, offshore, cruise, navy, dry docking and all types of commodity.

We fully engage with local stakeholders including; government, border authorities, environmental and port authorities and deliver effective tailored services in agency, logistics and specialised services for all our customers.

To ensure an uninterrupted and secure flow of information, we utilise a state of the art global communication system, which we combine with regular direct personal contact with our customers. This enables us to improve operational effectiveness, turn around vessels faster and minimise costs for our customers.

Our staff are highly motivated and experienced, with particular expertise of freight forwarding and shore-based maritime and have extensive knowledge of the local market conditions and new techniques, which allows us to deliver a range of unrivalled products of which includes;

·         Collecting and collating terminal information

·         Tracking ship movements

·         Providing customers with regular briefings and updates on relevant issues, thus improving their operational effectiveness

·         In-house operational and financial management applications which support our QMS processes and ensure customers a consistently high level of service and transparency.

Inchcape Shipping Services