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Tampa is the 14th largest port in the United States, as well as Florida's largest port (land area and tonnage). The Port of Tampa is widely known as one of the most diversified ports in the United States in regards to the wide range of cargoes handled within this region.


Enjoying a strategic location in West Central Florida, the Port of Tampa serves as a key location point for the Central Florida Corridor, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the United States. The Port of Tampa is a strategic port for handling petroleum and other key energy needs for this Corridor, which has a population of nearly eight million people within 100 miles of the port.


The Port of Tampa handles much of the building materials that support the construction in Central Florida; such commodities include cement, aggregates, lumber, and steel. The Port is also globally known for the exportation of Fertilizer products around the world, with the shipments of fertilizer and petroleum products accounting for nearly 75 percent of cargo tonnage that pass through the port annually. 


The Port of Tampa has invested heavily in the cruise and container business, as well as other commodities necessary to accommodate Florida's largest consumer market.


The Port of Manatee, which is known as Tampa Bay's "Right Turn", is located to South of the Port of Tampa along the Tampa Bay Shipping Channel. The Port of Manatee is home to one of the world's largest import hubs of Forestry Products. The Port of Manatee is one of the closest U.S. deepwater seaports to the Panama Canal.


The Port of Manatee offers a gateway to international trade being located just 25 Nautical Miles from the Sea Buoy, as well as superior intermodal connectivity which connects the Port to major highways and rail within minutes. The Port of Manatee diversified commodities include fruits, fertilizers, orange juice, and petroleum as well as other commodities that assist with the regions ever growing corridor and population.


We thank you for your interest in the Port of Tampa and the Port of Manatee. We look forward to any assistance that we can provide with our staff's vast knowledge and experience within this region.

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