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Inchcape Shipping Services Augusta was established in August, 2005 and provides full agency services throughout Sicily.


The Port of Augusta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea (Lat. 37° 13' N - Long. l5° 13' E) and is the most important Italian port for loading and discharging oil, chemical products and gas. The port is well equipped for the supply of bunkers, fresh water, fresh provisions, spare parts supply, crew changes, recovery sludge and slops, purging nitrogen and dry-dock facilities.


In the Commercial area situated in the north zone of the port, various general dry cargoes can be loaded including; sulphur, fertiliser, magnetite, sodium and potassium in flake, coils, steel piles, woods, marbles, granite, aggregates and project cargoes.


Santa Panagia Oil Terminal


Santa Panagia Bay lies off the east coast of Sicily, between Penisola di Magnisi and Capo Santa Panagia, north of the harbour of Siracusa. It is a wide open bay with ample manoeuvring room and deep water. Masters are advised to be careful when approaching by night, as there are no navigational aids in this area. The two lighthouses, Murro di Porco to the south and Cape S. Croce to the north, can be used however to fix the position.


The main terminal is situated in the southern part of the bay and there is also a small services harbour where tugs, pilot boats and launches are stationed. The Siracusa Harbour Master is in charge of the coordination of movements.




The suggested anchorage position is midway between Cape Magnisi and Cape S. Panagia (approximately 37°07’50”N – 15°15’15”E) in around 25 fathoms (45m). Handy size vessels can safely anchor at 0.5 mile WNW of the ISAB pier head, in about 13 fathoms (25m), with the bottom being mostly rocky. Masters are cautioned to be alert to the change in the weather and to take the essential precautions for the safety of the ship. During heavy bad weather vessels are suggested to leave anchorage and steam at open sea.




Pilotage is compulsory for all ships and the pilot will usually board one mile NNW of capo Santa Panagia. Siracusa Pilots should be contacted on VHF channel 14 prior to arrival, for instructions concerning the boarding position and berthing.


ISS Augusta is staffed with experienced and highly motivated personnel and offer the very best service at competitive rates.

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