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ISS-Tositti Monfalcone has been active since October 2005 and can provide full agency services for the port of Monfalcone.


Monfalcone is an industrial town where there are several established industries among which is FINCANTIERI, the shipyard of Monfalcone. The town is situated in the inner part of Panzano bay at the end of the Valentinis canal.  The population of the town is approximately 25.000 inhabitants.


The port of Monfalcone is located on the north Adriatic coast between Trieste and Venice and is considered good and safe. It is protected from all winds including the "BORA" strong ENE wind.


The port, partly natural, and partly man-made, has large and important industries including Società Fincanteri SpA, a large shipyard. Other industries include the manufacture of soda and chemical products, the preparation of asphalt and oil refining. Imports include coal and wood. The majority of the traffic consists of bulk cargo and oil. The port is well connected to the rest of Italy via road and rail.




Position: Harbour lat 45° 47' 30" North, long 13° 33' East

               Anchorage lat 45° 47' 30" North, long 13° 33' East


Nautical charts: BA 204, 1471. Admiralty Pilot NP47

Magnetic declination:  From 0° 45’ W in 1969 to 0° 15’ W in 1980 with an average annual decrease by 6

Load Line zone: Summer.


Light beacon (white metal column on pedestal, black bands, concrete base, 2m in height) (6 cables WNW) at the entrance to Canale San Giovanni. Entry: The port is entered from Baia di Panzano through a marked channel approx 2.5 nm in length. The inner part of the channel is dredged through the coastal bank and is partially protected by breakwaters. It terminates in a turning basin. The entrance channel has been dredged to a depth of 10.5m although this may be reduced due to silting.


Directions for entering harbour: Entrance channel and turning basin: Initial position: Close NE of a buoyant light beacon (safe water) (Lat 45°45'N, Long 013°36'E) moored on the centre line of the entrance channel, and marking its seaward end.


Anchorages: Outer anchorage: Vessels waiting to enter the port can anchor in or near Baia di Panzano, as appropriate to draft in 10-12m, but clear of the approach channel, of the areas in which navigation is prohibited, and of the submarine water-pipeline. The anchorage can accommodate 8 to 10 vessels, dependent on size.


Winds: The prevailing wind (Bora) blows from East-north East especially during winter. The Scirocco wind blows from the south east and is usually a mid day wind. 


Storms: During winter time ENE Bora wind reaches storm force.


Fog: Average of 10 days per year - more frequent during the winter season.


Currents: No strong currents are experienced in the harbour and they generally follow the direction of the wind (maximum speed : 1.5 miles per hour). Currents due to tides and vertical currents due to submarine spring water avoid the formation of sand bars in the canal.


Tides: Semidiurnal tides with a mean range between a minimum of 0.5 metres (neaps) and a maximum of 1.5 metres (springs).


Approach: Maximum speed limit of 5 kn in the entrance channel and harbour. A vessel with a following current has priority over a vessel stemming the current.


Dock density: 1,027.


Port water surfaces:

Panzano docks: 650,000 sq. metres; Porto Rosega docks 250,000 sq. metres and Canale Valentinis docks 100,000 sq. metres.


Radio: VHF: Harbour Master: CH 16 from 0800-2200hrs.  Pilot - Channel 14 - Trieste Radio - Channel 16.


Local time: GMT + 1 hour. During summertime – concurrently with “daylight saving” – local time is GMT + 2 hours.  Daylight saving time normally starts in the last week of March and ends in the last week of October.




The port of Monfalcone includes the following sectors:


Porto Rosega quay:

Portorosega  is the public quay reserved  for commercial operations such as the discharge  of lumber,  timber,  logs,  wood pulp,  scrap iron, kaolin  and  loading of general cargo, round iron, pipes, tiles  and building material.  It has a length of about 1,250 metres  and a maximum draft of 10.50 metres. The port is well protected against " BORA " the ENE wind that some times blows at gale force. Portorosega quay is connected to the railway network.

Water depth: 7,00 - 10,50 metres


Silos (De Franceschi) quay:

Silos quay, which has a length of 120 metres and a draft of 11.00 metres, is in concession to  De Franceschi and it is used for the discharge of cereals directly into the silos.  At times it  is also  available  to  third parties. The Silos (about 40,000 tons capacity) is equipped with a grain elevator tower.


Endesa quay:

The electrical power plant ENDESA has its own private quay of about 330 metres length and depth alongside of 27 feet and is only used to meet the requirements of the thermo electrical power station.


Fincantieri quay:

Fincantieri quay which has a length  of 1.350 metres,  is reserved for shipyard activity.  Fincantieri has one ship-building dock for ships up to 300,000 tons dwt and 5 building-ships available for ships upto 150,000 dwt.




Pilotage: Compulsory for vessels over 500 G.R.T. - 2 Pilots. (Tel and fax: +39 481 43011).  The Pilot boards ships 1 mile from the white flashing fairway buoy.    Pilots monitor VHF ch 14 from  0600-2000hrs (throughout 24 hours on request)

Towage:  2 Tugs ( 1,000 and 1,500 HP ). Additional tugs may be sent from the port of Trieste

Mooring: Compulsory. 10 mooring men

Ballast Water Facilities: It is possible to discharge dirty ballast/slops into a barge upto a maximum capacity  of  800  cbm per day.

Bunker: All grades of fuel and lubricating oil are available by truck and by barge from Trieste with 24 - 36 hours notice. Agency can supply to  these to ship owners at competitive prices for all types of products.

Car Hire: Available.

Consulates:  Most countries are represented at Trieste

Deratisation and Fumigation: Available

Divers and Frog Men: Available also for underwater repairs

Drydocks: Nearest available in Trieste         

Extra Anchorage Dues: None

Fire Pickets: The  service is  provided by local fire  brigade and by  the fire brigades of Harbour

Master, Italcantieri and Endesa

Fresh Water: Available at Porto Rosega and De Franceschi berths

Fumigation: Available

Garbage Removal: The service is compulsory every day

Gas Free Safety Certificate: Certificate of gas free or of inert gas obtainable.

Laundry: Available

Local Holiday: 21 November (Madonna della Salute - see Holiday Calendar)

Medical Attendance: Available as well hospitalisation

Motor Launches: Service not available in Monfalcone however ships are allowed to use their own


P&I: All main P&I clubs are represented in Trieste

Provisions and Ship's Stores: Available for any requirement. One  local firm  operates  in  the ships supplies field. Several firms  are organized  to  supply  foodstuffs,  ship's stores and spare parts from Trieste

Registers of Shipping: All main Registers of shipping are represented in Trieste

Repairs: Engine repairs: there are a few firms in Monfalcone and several available in Trieste. Electricity: few firms and several available in Trieste. Electronic : Available in Trieste.  Coating:  Available from Trieste

Sailor's Rest: Available

Sea Protest: Sea protest can be lodged at respective consulate or to Court

Surveyors and Average Adjusters: Qualified  surveyors  and  average  adjusters  are  available  in Trieste to deal with survey of any  kind of damages to  ships and cargoes

Telephone: Not available on board. It is possible to use the public telephone at Porto Rosega restaurant. ITALY Code number: +39 Monfalcone area code: 0481

Watchmen: Available

Water: Available. See also fresh water       


Cargo Handling:

IMPORTS: coal, grain, timber, logs, scrap iron, kaolin, wood pulp pit props, sulphur

EXPORTS: Iron, cardboard, projects cargo, borax, timber and general cargo.

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