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ISS -Tositti Sardinia Srl was established in April 2007 and is organized to provide full agency services for the sister ports of Cagliari and Sarroch (Porto Foxi).





Saras’ refinery is located in Sarroch (39°05’10 N – 009°01’35 E), on the Southern coast of Sardinia. Its geographical position, in the centre of the Mediterranean, is strategic in relation to North African and Middle Eastern producing countries and European markets.


The site sits about 25 km from Cagliari, the main town in Sardinia. Sarroch can be easily reached from Cagliari by driving the Sulcitana SS 195 or from the nearest airport of Elmas which is about 30 km away. The industrial area of Macchiareddu is also located within approximately 30 km.


The seaside resorts of Pula and Chia are within easy reach as are the archaeological sites of Sarroch and Nora and the renowned golf courses of Is Molas.


All ships that wish to operate at the SARAS refinery marine terminal must comply with the following requirements:


  • be a member of the International Tankers Owners Pollution Federation Ltd;
  • have a valid certificate of insurance, in compliance with the Civil Liability Convention 1969 and Fund Convention 1971;
  • have insurance cover against any damages caused by hydrocarbon pollution, not inferior – as to the amount and coverage – to the standards established by the rules of the P&I Clubs adhering to the IGA;
  • comply with all IMO regulations and recommendations;
  • fulfil, when performing any operation, all the OCIMF rules/recommendations codified in the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers & Terminals (ISGOTT);
  • meet all guidelines established by OCIMF for the control of drugs and alcohol on board of ships;
  • satisfy all international regulations in force at the time of arrival (Marpol, Solas, ISM);
  • know and comply with all the rules and regulations enforced by the local Authorities (Harbour Master, Port Authority, etc.) and with all related Italian/European laws;
  • satisfy SARAS Minimum Safety Criteria latest edition.


If a vessel fails to comply with the above listed rules, even partially, SARAS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to berth it and to hold the vessel responsible for any and all damages which may arise as a consequence.



Polimeri Europa - a petrochemical company wholly owned and controlled by ENI SPA manages the production and marketing of a wide portfolio of petrochemical products, and offers a full range of proprietary technologies and state-of-the-art production systems resulting in a wide-reaching and efficient distribution network.


The Sarroch plant has an industrial pier 1,125m long with 2 berths and 6 loading jibs for ships up to 40,000 tons. It also has a thermo-electric power plant, as well as a water treatment system for waste water and bilge water from ships. In addition it is connected to the public water and energy supply. Stringent environmental and fire fighting measures ensure maximum safety when loading and unloading ships. A tank park for raw materials and finished products, with a capacity of around 250,000m3 for liquids and 12,000m3 for liquid gases, takes up 22 hectares. The plant also enjoys all the infrastructure and services necessary for guaranteeing operative autonomy: electric power, fuel, industrial water, compressed gas, and waste water treatment systems.


The first aid centre, fire service, laboratories, maintenance workshops and warehouses are equally self-sufficient. The vicinity to the Sardinian capital ensures excellent links with the main national and international destinations via its air and sea ports.


General information

The Terminals are located in the sea area in front of the Southern coast of the Gulf of Cagliari, between Torre Loi and Punta Zavorra, at 39° 05’.1 latitude North and 009° 02’.2 longitude East.


The sea bottom is sandy and provides a good hold for anchors.


Prevailing winds blow in the following directions:

  • from the IV quadrant 40%
  • from the II quadrant 20%
  • from the other quadrants 20%
  • calm 20% 

Average wind force is approximately 10 knots, with peak values of 60 knots from the West and North-West.


The average speed of currents is 0.1 - 0.2 knots, with peak values of about 0.7 knots. The direction of the currents varies and is generally opposite to the direction of the wind.


Maximum variation of the sea level due to tides is approximately 0.45 metres.


The marine terminals and the sea area between Punta Zavorra and the Port of Cagliari come under the jurisdiction of Cagliari’s Harbour Master (Coast Guard).  The Cagliari Harbour Master has a local branch office called “Seziomare Sarroch” which is located in Porto Foxi (phone +39/070/900057) – email:


Arrival at Sarroch roads

The landing point in Sarroch roads is the “Q” offshore buoy, located at 39° 03’.8 latitude North and 009° 06’.1 longitude East.


Pilots (Decree of the Italian Ministry of Transport and Shipping dated September 2, 1996)

A pilot service is compulsory for all ships having a gross tonnage above 500 tons. The Pilot station located in Porto Foxi is controlled by “Corporazione Piloti di Sarroch” (the Sarroch Pilots Association), which works round the clock and can be contacted on VHF channel 9.



The waiting and anchorage areas are identified by ruling 115/2000, issued by the Cagliari Harbour Master. The Pilot, given advance notice of arrival, will indicate the anchorage position.


Tugboat service

The tugboat service, offered by an independent company, is compulsory for the mooring and unmooring of any vessel: the number of tugboats to be used during the mooring and un-mooring operation depending on vessel GRT.


Mooring services

A mooring service is supplied by “Gruppo Ormeggiatori di Sarroch” (Mooring Workers of Sarroch), which has an office in Porto Foxi. This service can be requested by the Pilot or, if necessary, directly by the Master or by the ship’s agency.


Garbage collection

All vessels berthed or anchored in Sarroch are forbidden to discharge any garbage or other materials into the sea. Daily garbage collection is performed by a local independent company, authorized by the Cagliari Harbour Master (see ruling 2190/July 21, 1990).




Cagliari's port is situated just 11 miles from the Gibraltar-Suez ideal line and represents one of the poles for transhipping activities in the Western Mediterranean.


The territorial district managed by Cagliari's Port Authority extends for approximately 30 km of coastline and its structure is divided into two areas: the historic port and the canal port.


The historic port covers 5,800 meters of quay which serves commercial and Ro-Ro traffic as well as passenger ships. The canal port covers over 1,600 meters of quay and offers five berths for transhipping and Ro-Ro traffic, as well as cruise vessels terminal , for which a centre for welcoming cruises is being developed.


These are flanked by berths for the petrochemical/oil industry (Sarroch), which accommodate mooring for seventeen ships.thanks to co-operation with local bodies. Logistical integration with the inland is strong: the historic port is only 100 meters from the city-centre, is situated next to the road network a few meters from the railway network and only seven kilometres from the airport.


Important data:

  • Time zone: GMT +1
  • Port inside breakwaters, prevalent wind: NNW direction.
  • Location of the historic port: lat. 39° 11' 42'' N, long. 09° 06' 24'' E
  • Location of the canal port: lat. 39° 11' 33'' N, long. 09° 03' 46'' E
  • Pilots VHF ch. 12 (compulsory) anchorage not permitted unless harbour master authorization.


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