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ISS-Tositti Trieste Srl was established in October 2005 and can provide full agency services for the port of Trieste.


Port of Trieste


Trieste is situated on the Adriatic Sea’s northern coast in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is strategically positioned due to its close proximity to the Istrian Peninsula in Coatia and Slovenia and provides a full range of port facilities and public conveniences.


The Free Port of Trieste, an international port since its foundation in 1719, is now a highly modern functional facility.


The Port of Trieste is the only port on the Adriatic with a natural sea depth able to accommodate the largest of vessels and is located at the centre of the new Europe. Situated at the northernmost point of the Adriatic Sea (45° 39’N, 13° 48’East), the port satisfies all operational needs by sea, road and rail transport.


Trieste has quays for an extension of more than 12,000 metres, port areas comprising about 23,000 hectares and warehouses dedicated to different kinds of commodities (coffee, metal products, cotton, general cargo, oil product) in free zone areas amounting to more than 500,000m2, operational berths for conventional, multi-purpose, full-container, roll-on/roll-off and ferry vessels.


SIOT Tal Oil Terminal


The SIOT (Siocieta’ Italian per l’Oleodotto Transalpino) terminal serves Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic and is of considerable importance having an annual capacity of more than 36 million tons. The SIOT marine receiving facilities, situated in the Muggia Bay at position 45°36’36’’ N 13°46’36’’E, are owned and operated by SIOT.


The terminal can be approached from the North Adriatic Sea. A dredged channel joins the Gulf of Trieste to the piers. The channel is 1 mile long and 200 metres wide. In accordance with the Harbour Master Authority, the channel may only be engaged by one vessel, entering or leaving, at a time.




The anchorage position will be indicated by the Pilots and via VHF. Compulsory anchorage for tankers awaiting entry is “A” Zone west of Luigi Rizzo Breakwater.




Pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 500 GRT. Arriving vessels take on board a pilot about one and half miles west of the southern end of Luigi Rizzo Breakwater. Contact Pilots on Channel 14




The port is open to strong winds (“Bora”) during the winter season from NNE to ESE.

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