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Thanks to the knowledge and expertise acquired in the shipping and forwarding sector by its founder Mr. Sergio Tositti and passed over to his son, Stefano, a joint venture company between the world’s largest independent marine services organisation, Inchcape Shipping Services based in the U.K., and Tositti & C. based in Venice, was formed at the beginning of 2005.


The new company called ISS-Tositti specializes in offering tailored assistance services to some of the world’s leading shipowners and operators.


Port of Venice - Main Features (Complete information available in Document Library - Port of Venice General Information)


Geographical Position:

Latitude             45° 26’ N

Longitude          12° 20’ E


Port Approaches:


There are two approaches to the port of Venice: Porto di Lido (Lido roads) and Porto di Malamocco (Malamocco roads).  Magnetic declination within the zone is 1° West (Jan. 1, 1985). The approach of Porto di Lido is mainly used by ferries and passengers vessels bound for the port zone of Venice – town centre and Venice – Marittima.


The approach of Porto Marghera (actual draft 39’ 05’’ soundings recorded on 2008) is used by the vessels bound to Porto Marghera both to the industrial and commercial areas (Oil, LPG, Gases and chemicals carriers, dry bulk and general cargo ships, containers carriers).




Vessels waiting for berth or the inward pilot should drop the anchors at the under mentioned roads sectors:


Lido Roads:

Ships up to 5000 GRT in the sector “L.S.C.” (Lido Small Cargo)

Ships over 5000GRT in the sector  “L.B.C.” (Lido Big Cargo)

Malamocco Roads:

Ships up to 5000 GRT in the sector “ M.S.C.” (Malamocco Small Cargo)

Ships over 5000 GRT in the sector “M.B.C.” (Malamocco Big Cargo)

Ships carrying gases and dangerous liquid in bulk up to 20.000 GRT in the sector “M.S.T.” (Malamocco Small Tanker)

Ships carrying gases and dangerous liquid in bulk over 20.000 GRT in the sector “ M.B.T.” (Malamocco Big Tanker)




Oil tankers bound to lightening in the sector “M.L.A.“ (Malamocco Lightening Area)


Nautical Charts (Italian):


N° 221 – 222 – 226 of “Istituto Idrografico delle Marina Militare”.




Average temperature curve : Winter 5° C., Spring 13° C., Summer 25° C., Autumn 14° C.

Average level of humidity : 77 %

Annual average rainfall : about 820 mm.

Prevailing winds : NE / ENE IN Winter, S / SE / SSE in summer.

About 10 periods of fog are recorded every year between October and March.

Under dense fog the in/out transit of the ships is stopped by the local Harbour Master’s office in agreement with Pilots.


Time Difference compared to GMT:

March – September        Plus 2 Hours

October – February         Plus 1 Hour



Mean spring and mean neap tides range between 70 cm and 30 cm respectively. Tides period is semidiurnal. Accepted medium/mean tide level in Venice/Porto Marghera area is +23 cm over 0.  Average annual tide range: 50 cm.



Sometimes the current speed may reach three knots at Lido approach and four knots at Malamocco approach. The average level of salinity is 28% .


Port Services



This service is compulsory for any ships over 500 GRT. The service which starts two miles beyond the breakwaters of Lido and Malamocco approaches is carried out by the “Corporazione Piloti dell’ Estuario Veneto” (Pilot Corporation of the Venetian Estuary).

The Pilot Station should be contact by the vessels via VHF channel 13 or Venezia – Radio two hours before arrival at the roads for acquiring all information regarding the approach (for example to approach via Lido or Malamocco or to drop the anchors).



This service is performed by Messrs. Rimorchiatori Riuniti  Panfido & C. on the basis of a public concession and regulated and controlled by the local Harbour Master’s office.

The above stated company operates 14 tugs with a capacity ranging from 850 to 3000 H.P.


Handling Lines:

The mooring/unmooring service is compulsory for any vessel over 500 GRT and for any vessel carrying dangerous cargo.

This service is performed by “Gruppo Ormeggiatori del Porto di Venezia” under the regulations and control of the local Harbour Master’s  Office


Other services available in Venice:


  • Anti-fire/anti–pollution brigade; also responsible for arranging sludge removal
  • Ships repairs workshops
  • Shipchandlers
  • Bunker – barging supply
  • Divers
  • Classification Bureau: American Bureau, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, Lloyd Register of Shipping, Registro italiano navale   (which represent also : Germanyscher Lloyd , NKK, ex URSS registry of Shipping, ex Jugoslav Registry of Shipping).
  • Radar & Gyro – compass
  • Fire extinguer re–filling
  • Dunnaging – lashing of cargo
  • Fumigation/deratting
  • Laundry
  • Naval surveyors
  • Gasfree suveyors
  • Garbage removal (compulsory)
  • Watchman. 

Additional information available in Document Library - Port of Venice General Information

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