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Townsville is on the north-east coast of Queensland, approximately 1,300 kilometres north of Brisbane, and 350 kilometres south of Cairns. The city lies on the shores of Cleveland Bay and is home to over 145,000 people. Townsville is seen as the unofficial capital of North Queensland, with many government, community and commercial offices located in the city.


Certainly, a large part of Townsville’s economy is driven by the presence of government and commercial administrative offices however primary industries also play an important role. Townville’s proximity to the inland North West Minerals Province allows the city to host major mineral refineries processing nickel, copper and zinc. Export of these minerals to locations around the world is serviced by the Port of Townsville. The Townsville economy is also supported by sugar production, mining, and tourism, each contributing significantly to the North Queensland regional economic base.


The Port of Townsville has eleven berths and is managed by the Port of Townsville Corporation. The port is unique in that its sea jurisdiction encompasses the World Heritage area adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Nickel ore is the biggest import followed by oil and cement. The biggest export is minerals followed by sugar and fertiliser.


ISS Townsville has a thorough understanding of the Port of Townsville and is committed to providing excellent service to their Principals.

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