The typhoon season has begun in Japan
Jul 27 2017

The typhoon season has begun in Japan. At the moment we have No.5 and No.9 of 2017’s.

Typhoon track forecast can be found on the below link.




It is well known to mariners. Japan and its vicinity have tropical cyclones in the Summer – early Autumn season, called ‘Typhoon’.

Typhoon is tropical cyclone occur in North West Pacific (Northern equator and Western long W180 degrees) having maximum wind velocity over 17 m/s (34 knots and Wind scale 8) in 10 mins average.

In earlier season, it does not approach to the main land and alter its course to West or East as high pressure stays to cover the land. However, in later season, it starts to approach the land with high winds and heavy rain.

At the peak season, the typhoons approach to the area almost every week or even more.

It’s really depending on each typhoon, but ship’s berthing schedule and arrival time are very often forced to change by this weather factor in the season. It sometimes causes a 2, 3 days delay in ship’s schedule – port closure, berthing criteria in wind velocity/swell, etc..

You are able to capture some more weather data from below website.





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